Next open day

The open-close-close-open-close-close-open pattern continues.  We are planning to open on Saturday but we will confirm that RIGHT HERE on the website on Friday when we have  good idea of ripening.  So please, be persistent and check back here for an update on Friday about strawberry U-pick on Saturday.

It was a great day of picking in the field today.  The June-bearing strawberries are now producing. Very big, very sweet berries coming out of the fields.  And plenty of little ones too!    I was told today the strawberries are well worth a sore back and some dirty knees and obviously some patience.  So there you have it....

We are so appreciative of you understanding the early season unpredictability of strawberry ripening.  Every day is new and different and full of hope when you're waiting for berries.  Thanks for being part of the adventure.





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