New Hours

Because unofficial summer has come to an end with the start of school, we have new back-to-school hours on the farm.  We will be open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 12 to 5. If these hours don't work for you, email or give us a call and we will arrange another time. Strawberry picking is still excellent and should be for the next couple of weeks if this fine weather holds.  I would say that blueberry picking  is getting pretty slow and only for the determined.  You are always welcome though. Buckets were still being filled today.  The blueberries are very sweet and it's quite peaceful out there these days.

I feel the crickets are chirping "hurry, hurry, hurry".  The sense I need to rush is enough to drive me mad (and why I'm beginning to dislike September) but I'll do same to you, "Hurry, hurry, hurry".   Just a couple more weeks of berries before that gate is closed and the hens are let loose into the field.  You will notice a few are jumping the gun.

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