The start of yet another wonderful week of berry picking at Windhover Farm.

We're moving on from RASPBERRIES getting 1st place status in these daily posts.   It's BLUEBERRY and STRAWBERRY time!

BLUEBERRIES continue to be excellent.  They have another couple of weeks at least.  We recommend coming this week for best picking though.    They're big, easy to pick and the taste is superb.

STRAWBERRIES will be excellent tomorrow and we anticipate every day this week.  Lots of sweet berries both big and small.  Picking is quick.

Last and now least is the RASPBERRIES. Good amounts were picked on Saturday so we know there are lots of raspberries out there but it demands the under the canes and up now for sure.  This 6th week is likely their last.

Open Monday to Friday 8am to 1pm for U-pick.

**We will be open on the BC long weekend but have yet to set the days.  It will depend on the berries, the heat and us(!)  Stay tuned right here for long weekend hours.

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