May days














Being the busiest month around here,  May has zoomed by.  With the exception of the predictable equipment breakdowns in spring, things went smoothly as we prepared fields and planted.  We love the blank slate that the fields are in early May.  Now they are quickly greening up with everything we artists farmers scattered over them.  Add in a year's worth of dormant weed seeds and oh how green it is.   It's amazing just how quickly a plowed field greens up. What with buttercup and bindweed and morning glory and sorrel and thistle and vetch and dandelions and my personal favourite to pull, clover.  Although John was determined that we do "pre-emergent hoeing", I can tell you now, we didn't get to it.

Regardless, it's looking good out there.  Very spring-ish;  a sea of green but for the white of  strawberries in full bloom, the birds, the bees, us, the mower, everything growing and going so fast!














We hope you too are enjoying the sounds, colour and activity that spring brings.  All the while, get to eating the last of your frozen berries.  Fresh strawberries are coming soon in June!

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