Last U-pick Saturday of 2015

The season is a changing.  But this doesn't mean a thing for the strawberries as they keep ripening away.  There are lots of beautiful berries out there.

It's supposed to be wet on Saturday but we would love to see the berries picked, making the most of the 2015 berry season, so we will open from 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick.

Saturday is not your last chance.  We will continue to do picking by appointment until the rain takes it's toll.

If you don't like picking in the rain come by the farm on Saturday anyhow!  Not only would we love to say hello but you can stock up on roasting chicken, pastured eggs, and beef cuts or sides.  We can confirm that the result of these well-loved, well-fed (mostly grass and milk) animals is some very healthy and tasty beef.

Sides of beef are $5.45/lb including cut and wrap.

Sunday roasts, nutritious stews and soups, and easy meals with good supply of ground beef....  a side of beef is a big outlay of money up front but it beats trying to find a decent cut of beef for a reasonable price in the grocery store all year!

This healthy, humanely raised meat and eggs will be available year round by appointment.   Just phone 250-338-7750 or

I'm never short on words so you'll hear more from me before the 2015 growing season is over.

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