June it will be

The strawberry patch was well picked the last couple of days with picking by appointment.  We will not officially open on Saturday.  Stay tuned for opening days next week as they will surely happen.  Monday is quite likely.  The positive is that you now have one last weekend to finish the frozen berries in your freezer!

We can keep you in chicken and eggs in the mean time:

June-bearing strawberry plants for sale --$3 per pot of three plants

Free Range (pastured) eggs for sale at $5/dz.

Roasting Chickens $3.75/lb.  We have a range of weights including some large ones this batch.

Things are looking really good out there and we have every reason to believe that this will be an excellent berry season. And every reason to hope for some rain!














First fruits of the season.  Pretty sweet. Lucky kids.














We will post on Sunday with an update.

Have a weekend full of the beauty that is May on the coast.


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