DSC_0600Living up to their name we have the Junes! The ripening of June-bearing strawberries means the season is in full swing.  A couple of brave souls made a great start in picking them today.  Not wanting to delay picking in their brief season (3 weeks or so), we will open Friday from 2pm to 5pm for strawberry U-pick.  There are loads of berries out there.  The picking will be easy.

Not liking the picking limbo we leave you in, here's the opening day plan for the next week:

Saturday open 9am to 1pm

Monday 9am to 1pm

Wednesday 9am to 1pm

Saturday the 24th from 9am to 1pm

This is subject to change so please check back here before coming out but it looks like there's no stopping these berries now.  And we say with confidence that we've said  goodbye to any storm like todays until next November. Right?  Right!

Bring containers and cash.