July 29th

Another summer day, another beautiful day to pick berries in the Comox Valley.

We are open 8am to 1pm Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week.  We will be closed Friday and Sunday.  We will be open on the holiday Monday.

Blueberries! Great picking continues.  Sweet, sweet berries.  But don't delay.  Another week and a half and they will likely begin the decline.

Strawberries! They continue to make good progress.  The picking is getting better each day and people are having good success in the patch filling buckets.  It's decent and pretty good ie. they are no longer stressing us out (as much as they were).  But history tells us the picking will get better than it is now.   Crystal clear?  They are "not excellent" but "not bad".  This might be the simplest way to state their status.

Bring containers and enough cash for roasting chickens vegetables and flowers too!





























Behind that door?  A toilet!  A real, flush toilet.  We feel we can almost call ourselves a "luxury" U-pick operation.  With our berry valet service to your car, we are so close.  John was pretty excited to get this up and flushing for the start of the berry season.  It wasn't so exciting when we had no water for a week and could not offer a toilet at all. The Port-a-potty seemed like the better idea that week.   But that toilet is flushing these days, the door now shuts properly (!) and like I said, LUXURY. Oh yes.


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