July 22nd

It'll be a fabulous berry day for sure.  We guarantee it!

Berry pickers did amazingly well in the RASPBERRIES today.  So we expect the same for the next couple of days.  There are still big, sweet raspberries out there that are fairly easy to pick.

(Do not miss out on 2016 raspberries.  The 2017 season is a long way off.)

BLUEBERRIES continue to be excellent.  Big, easy to pick and abundant like no previous season.

STRAWBERRIES are exceeding are expectations for this part of the summer.  They are plentiful, big and sweet and moreover,  strawberry season history tells us they will keep getting better.

On those notes----come on out!  It's summer, eat it up with berries and enjoy the farm.  We love sharing the field with berry lovers.

Open Friday and Saturday from 8am to 1pm.  Closed Sunday. Open Monday at 8am.

We will have farm fresh whole roasting chickens available on Friday and Saturday only.  $3.75/lb.

After that, frozen available as always.

BRING CONTAINERS AND CASH.   We are cash only at this time.

Somehow these gorgeous blueberries are not that photogenic....may be the photographer?  I'm working on it though because this blue in person is beautiful!






























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