Home sweet strawberry home

If you were out at the farm last week, you would know that we were MIA.  And if you're a regular reader of our website, you would have noticed the posts last week unusually brief and vague---because we were far, far away from the patch we were trying to update you on!   If here picking you would also have had the pleasure of meeting my brother who ran the farm all week.  Derek managed to do a job that often takes 2, 3, 4 and up to 5 of us to do on any given day.  We are so grateful to him for taking this on. He gave us the opportunity to attend a wedding celebration.

Our travels included driving through the main strawberry growing region of California for hours on end.  Humbling to be home to our little patch way up the coast from the California strawberry mecca.  We didn't eat any down there knowing that Comox Valley berries were here waiting for us.

Wonderful to arrive home to rows upon rows of ripe strawberries.  Not so wonderful to see the weeds out-competing--- row upon row.  After an afternoon of weeding in the June-bearers, we discovered just how many of those gems are hidden away in the bushy plants.  There are loads of them.  However, unlike the ever-bearers planted in raised rows in plastic, they take some searching to find.  They are worth the looking as they only come around for a short few weeks each year.   All's to say, we will stay closed as planned Tuesday to allow the ever-bearers to ripen up.  (And allow us some more time to weed!) Come Wednesday, there will be plenty of both types of strawberries.  But the June strawberries are where you will be rewarded and I will point you there.

Home to strawberries, weeds, verbose website posts, and all of you who make swinging the gate open a very fine vocation.  It's good to be home.

PS I am sorry if you called or emailed last week and didn't hear from us.  Please call or email again.  We're back online and at our phone and we will respond. We promise!