Hello August!

And then there were two...

Raspberries, like July, are over.


Thankfully there are an abundance of STRAWBERRIES to fill their gap.  With two full days of ripening over the weekend, the picking will be excellent in the strawberry patch.  Big, sweet, small, sweet,---strawberries and August have arrived and they go together like berries and cream.   Historically, August and September are full of strawberries.

Another good week of BLUEBERRIES but don't delay as their days are numbered.  Ten days to 2 weeks at very most as they are heading into their 6th week of harvest and you all have been picking up a storm in the bushes.

We are open 8am to 1pm for U-pick berries.

****Please bring containers and cash.

Happy August!  Here's to another wonderful month of  berry picking in the Comox Valley.


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