Happy September













also known as the cabbage month-----and strawberry month but of course!

Let's begin the month by setting open hours.  We will be open:

Monday from 8am to 1pm

Closed Tuesday (rain forecasted)

Wednesday will go for the double dipper and open 9am to noon and 4pm to 7pm.

Thursday 9am to noon

Friday 4pm to 6pm

Closed Saturday

We will schedule the following week later in the week.

As for the berries.  Blueberries are in their final week but there are still a good number of bushes to pick.  Strawberries are the ever and ever and ever-bearers we always hope for.  Two important words NO WASPS.  With lots of big, ripe strawberries to pick, it's a delight in the strawberry patch.

The rain the past couple of days is a reminder that summer will end. Sooner rather than later is better when we're talking September strawberries.  We just never know what's coming down the line weather-wise.

Bring buckets and cash.

Have a wonderful Labour Day!

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