Happy New Year!















As in we are just about to embark on the 2013 berry season.  Everything is new and lush and growing like crazy out there.  Moreover, the strawberries are ripening and I haven't even written the "Here we are planting strawberries" post, the  "Setting up the irrigation" post, the "Weeding" post, the "More weeding" post, the "Dandelions are taking over" post.  Move over dandelions, there is red in the field and we're going straight to the "We may be open sooner rather than later" post.  No exact date set for opening but possibly 10 days?  Who knows?   The weather has been cooperating so far and if it keeps up, well please, make some plans to pick the first strawberries of the season here at Windhover Farm.

Following our lead, you should be madly eating  the frozen berries left in your freezer.  It is time to make room.  I know, I know.  It does feel like we just put Christmas decorations away. But alas, it is June 4th and the season is fast approaching.

Clearly, I've been slacking in the website updating department.  It's been busy out their in field with many a post written in my head but never making it to screen.   I plan to update regularly so check back sooner rather than later.  Photos, hours, happenings, chitchat, and this and that to come!  Thanks for checking in. We look forward to seeing you soon.



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