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Happy 2015 berry year that is!  Can you believe it?  It's summer!  No wait.  It's spring.  Wasn't it just fall?  What happened to winter?   Whatever the season, all that matters is "It's almost berry season!"

I'm checking in with you to say "hi" and quickly update you on berry status.

We've planted 6500 strawberry plants in last few weeks.  We've laid out irrigation.  We're watering.  We're weeding.  We're watching and we're waiting.  And before our very eyes, ripe strawberries.  So early.  Some lucky kid ate the first ripe strawberry on May 19th.  A handful today.  It's happening.  An estimate for U-pick strawberry opening?  In 2014 we opened June 10th.  Let's push that ahead a week this year and go with a very wild guess of June 3rd.   Please note the "wild guess" in that estimate.

Important to note that the majority of our strawberries are Ever-bearing.  Their main season is mid-July to September although they produce from the get-go (as in they are the ones the kids are finding ripe this week).  We have a limited supply of June-bearing.  It was the very end of June before they were ripe last year.  So let's go with mid-June for 2015 June-bearing strawberries.  They are limited and if you are storing up strawberries for the winter we recommend you plan your picking for mid-summer.  At that point you can pick raspberries and blueberries too.  Clear?  Check back here again soon.  Hopefully my "May" brain will depart and I'll begin thinking and writing clearly again.

In the mean time:

EGGS for sale at $5/dozen.   Most days in a cooler at the end of the driveway.

ROASTING CHICKENS will be available next week.

5 lb bags of 2014 FROZEN BLUEBERRIES for $15.

Potted strawberry plants for sale.  These are June-bearing and will not produce this year.

Call or email for an appointment.  We are most often in the field, buried in weeds and drip tape, these days.

We hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring while every day hoping for rain like we are.

Stay tuned right here for further updates, farm news and photos of some what is going on here these days.

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