Happy Canada Day!

Make it red and white one by picking RASPBERRIES to pair with some cream!

We are open on July 1st from 8am to 1pm for RASPBERRY and BLUEBERRY U-PICK

The excellence continues in the raspberries.  No shortage of ripe raspberries.  Prime time in the canes.   They have a good 2 weeks left of their season.

Blueberries are off to a great start.  No shortage of ripe ones to fill your buckets.  We anticipate all of July we will be full of the  harvest of blueberries.

Strawberry status remains the same.  Some but few. They will return soon.

Open Monday to Saturday 8am to 1pm.  Closed Sunday.

Bring containers and cash.

Grass-fed beef, roasting chicken and pastured eggs available.

We hope tomorrow is the start of a wonderful July for you....

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