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Goodbye raspberries, hello strawberries

I think it's safe to say that raspberry season is over. It was a good one. Many of you are now counting up the jars of raspberry jam adorning your pantry. Good work!

On to strawberries, that range in size and shape of that of an egg (weird I know), to the size of a pea and everything inbetween. Thankfully, they don't taste like an egg but are sweet as can be and abundant. For those who prefer strawberry jam, this is your time. We prefer our strawberries straight up, right from the field, warmed by the sun.

Blueberries continue to be endless. Don't make us fill all our freezers with blueberries! Come and pick and take advantage of the bounty. Quote right from the mouth of our now favourite customer, "This is the best blueberry picking I've done in 60 years".

Sometimes, when you're an amateur, it gets boring photographing berries and kids so I turned my lens elsewhere to the colours of August.

Those darn crickets keep reminding me that summer is coming to an end. Time to soak up the season with the sights, sound and flavour of the harvest. (Meanwhile trying not to forget that the weeds are making a strong, last stand. Sigh.)

Open at 9am Friday. Closed Saturday and Sunday. Open Monday at 9am.

Hope to see you soon.

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