Friday's a go for Upick strawberries. We will open 9am to 1pm.  Given the trend that we are picked out after we open, we will be closed on Saturday. Probably.  Check back here to be sure.  We are really sorry about that as we know so many of you work during the week.  Please know there is a long strawberry season ahead and we harvest well into September AND we will be open most Saturdays except this one (!)

I feel the need to share picking tips.  Some of you left disappointed on Wednesday feeling that there weren't many berries. I decided to join customers for the last hour we were open to see what it was like in the patch.  About five us easily picked full ice cream buckets fairly quickly.  You can't see ripe strawberries from above the row. You have to get down, stay down and look for the berries under the plants.  Most of the strawberries, after 5 hours of being open, were on the edge of the rows hidden under leaves.  There were so many.  I picked 5lbs. on half a side of one row of Junebearings.  As well, with the June's, if there is a wee bit of white on the tip, the berry is ripe and sweet. And, it will turn red by days end if not eaten.  June's are for fresh eating and need to be picked before over-ripe as they soften really quickly.  We know the June-bearing picking is definitely slower than the everbearings.  They take more time to find under leaves but you'll be well rewarded for your efforts.  The fast picking days of everbearers will come but there time is not yet. I think I couldn't say more about this except that I'm sorry that I failed to share this info.  with you earlier this week.

Come on out tomorrow to pick delicious strawberries for your Canada Day celebrations.

Open 9 to 1 Friday. 

Bring containers and cash.  no toilet on site.