Strawberry season is coming to an end and because of that I hate not to open Saturday---so we will!  But only for a couple of hours.    9am to 11am Saturday.

It is late season picking which means that although the strawberries are plentiful, some of the berries are rain or bug damaged. (I picked 7lbs in 30 minutes(!!) and was culling while I picked)

So I'll be here from 9am to 11am if you want to pick late September jewels.  We will try to open one day next week if the weather holds and the strawberries keep.  Because strawberries in the Fall--yippee!

Open Thursday 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick.

It will be the good picking that the late season strawberry patch always provides.

Celebrate the first day of fall with a big bucket of fresh berries!

A Saturday opening will be decided Friday. Check back for an update.

Happy last day of summer!

Strawberry fields forever.....

Or at least until the end of this week.  Last days of summer means last days of strawberries. This will surely be the last week of U-pick.

Open Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to noon.   We'll hopefully open Saturday if we aren't picked out.  Check back here on Friday.

Come and pick and make the most of easy to pick late season strawberries.  Late season strawberries are bigger and better than their early season sistas!

Hope to see you rain or shine.

Bring containers and cash.

Roasting chickens and pasture-raised eggs for sale also.


We were picked out of strawberries today so we will be closed Saturday.

Next open day is Tuesday, September 19th.

We hope to fit 3 more open days in before the end of the season.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Open Friday 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick.

Big, sweet, easy to pick strawberries out there!

Bring containers and cash.

Hoping to open Saturday but we'll see if the patch gets picked out Friday or not. Please check back here for an update on Friday.

Roasting chickens and pastured raised eggs for sale too.

We will open 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick on Wednesday.

Bring containers and cash.

Closed Thursday.

At least another 10 days of strawberry season left and most likely a couple of weeks!

Roasting chickens and pasture raised eggs for sale too.

Open 9am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.

Two days of ripening-----the patch will be ripe and ready for you!

Bring containers and cash please.

Windhover Farm roasting chickens now available. $4.25/lb.

Closed Tuesday

Check back here for open days the rest of the week.

We are sorry that we cannot open on Saturday as we were picked out of strawberries today.  Closed Sunday too.

Open Monday from 9am to 1pm.

Thank you for your patience.  The good news is that we are not just hopeful but we know that the next couple of weeks should be great for strawberries.  They are making a comeback after a lackluster month where they just didn't grow/rise above the tough ie. dry, hot conditions, they were given.  They seem to be much happier these days! If you want your freezer full of strawberries for the winter, you still have time.

See you next week.

Checking the forecast once and twice and checking the patch a couple of times too and it looks like Friday will be a great day to open for U-pick strawberries.

Open Friday from 9am to 1pm.

Bring cash and containers please.

With some cooler temps and moisture, the next couple of weeks of strawberry picking should be excellent.

***We hope to open Saturday but PLEASE check back here.  If we are picked out or it's pouring rain, we will close Saturday and Monday will be our next open day.

Our freezer is now stocked with our Windhover Farm raised roasting chicken.  $4.25/lb.  They are about 4lbs each.

We are next open for U-pick strawberries Wednesday from 9am to 1pm.

With three days of ripening there will be loads of big, ripe and sweet strawberries!

Strawberries love September.  Hoping for a great crop the next couple of weeks.

Closed Thursday and open either Friday or Saturday. Please check back here.

Bring cash and containers please.