June around these parts means June-bearing strawberries! As posted yesterday, our 2018 harvest is limited. We will be selling pre-picked strawberries by order only. For now. Please email windhoverfarm@shaw.ca to place your order. We will respond and once the berries are ripe, set up a pick-up time that works for you. Easy? Hopefully!

We apologize that we have no ever-bearing strawberries this year. We did plant up thousands of June-bearers this spring. That means we're ready and set for a big harvest in 2019. In the mean time, "bear" with us this strawberry season. We WILL get back what the infamous winter of 2017 took.

If you made it to the site, well done. We seem to be be experiencing security issues. The site was cleaned a we pay monthly to keep it secure. As I try to figure it out, if you have access to Facebook, that may be more dependable for updates. FB has blocked me from linking to this website. Please keep checking us out when you can. And tell your people.

Now go get June started!

Well hello there and happy 2018 as we near the second half it. We are more than overdue for a farm update. Spring is always ultra busy in the field but I've missed this space and look forward to almost daily updates once the berry season starts.

There is lots to report farm wise but I will leave that for later in the week. For now, you need a quick strawberry update as '''tis the season!

Still recovering from the winter of 2016/17 which severely damaged all our berry crops, we decided to rip out all our ever-bearing strawberries and rework/build the soil. We've been planting June-bearing strawberries all month but they will not produce until 2019. That leaves us with the five rows of June strawberries we planted last May. In the scheme of acres of berries, this is a very small amount. Due to the limited amount, we will likely not offer U-pick this year. We will sell them pre-picked. Keep checking back here for updates and on Facebook in the off chance that we can't keep up with the picking and we open for U-pick.

If you would like to order strawberries, please email windhoverfarm@shaw.ca to place your order. They are $4.75/lb pre-picked. The strawberries are not ripe yet and still flowering so we are at least a couple weeks away from harvest. Stay tuned here for updates as the harvest nears.

We will update you on raspberries and blueberries as their seasons get near.

Know we're still out here doing what we do. We highly value our customers, your support and look forward to seeing you this 2018 berry season---although it will be a different sort of season. Thank you for paying attention here as we "read" the harvest and make an effort to give you a delicious, local berry experience.

The littlest here at the farm is turning 8 tomorrow and we're celebrating big and taking her awaaaaaaay from the farm.  This means we will be closed Saturday. And Sunday too. Open Monday at 9am.

If you're concerned about getting your strawberries, not to worry. We have many weeks ahead of strawberry season.  The strawberries just get better as summer marches on!

Open today until 1pm.


Open Saturday 9am to 1pm for Upick.

As the summer zips along so does the berry status:

Two days of ripening will have done great things in the strawberry patch. Lots of ripe strawberries.

Blueberries are nearing the end of their season so come in the next week.

Raspberries are done. They gave us over 4 weeks of their sweet goodness and we hope you got your fill. With 50% of the canes lost over the winter we had low expectations for the season. Thanks to our wonderful customers, the raspberry harvest was almost 50% of last year's.  You made something of a far from great season. Sincere thanks for your excellent picking, encouragement and enthusiasm.  

Thankfully, we've got at least a month of strawberries to look forward to and another week of blueberries.

Bring cash and containers. 

Closed Sunday. Open Monday 8am to 1pm.

Happy weekend to you!

Open tuesday 8am to 1pm for Upick Raspberries and Blueberries. 

Strawberries were well picked today and need a day to ripen.  Wednesday will be your better day for strawberries. Remember this is the beginning of their season. Plenty of weeks left.

But raspberries and blueberries!!!

Bring containers.  Cash only.

We will open Wednesday. Closed Thursday and Friday. Open Saturday. 

Picked out today already.  Closed Tuesday. Stay tuned for next open day. Thanks for your patience. Lots of strawberry season to come.  They are having a slow start but their second season in late July to September is always good.

Friday's a go for Upick strawberries. We will open 9am to 1pm.  Given the trend that we are picked out after we open, we will be closed on Saturday. Probably.  Check back here to be sure.  We are really sorry about that as we know so many of you work during the week.  Please know there is a long strawberry season ahead and we harvest well into September AND we will be open most Saturdays except this one (!)

I feel the need to share picking tips.  Some of you left disappointed on Wednesday feeling that there weren't many berries. I decided to join customers for the last hour we were open to see what it was like in the patch.  About five us easily picked full ice cream buckets fairly quickly.  You can't see ripe strawberries from above the row. You have to get down, stay down and look for the berries under the plants.  Most of the strawberries, after 5 hours of being open, were on the edge of the rows hidden under leaves.  There were so many.  I picked 5lbs. on half a side of one row of Junebearings.  As well, with the June's, if there is a wee bit of white on the tip, the berry is ripe and sweet. And, it will turn red by days end if not eaten.  June's are for fresh eating and need to be picked before over-ripe as they soften really quickly.  We know the June-bearing picking is definitely slower than the everbearings.  They take more time to find under leaves but you'll be well rewarded for your efforts.  The fast picking days of everbearers will come but there time is not yet. I think I couldn't say more about this except that I'm sorry that I failed to share this info.  with you earlier this week.

Come on out tomorrow to pick delicious strawberries for your Canada Day celebrations.

Open 9 to 1 Friday. 

Bring containers and cash.  no toilet on site.

We are open Monday from 9am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick. Picking strawberries on a Monday morning is a very fine way to start your week and beat the heat.

$3/lb. for U-pick. We will not have any pre-picked at the farm for sale for the foreseeable future.

Picking is quick and easy though!

Closed Tuesday. Open Wednesday. Check back here for more open hours this week.

Bring containers, cash and remember no toilet on site.

We will open Saturday from 10am to 1pm. This will allow for some morning ripening. The patch was well picked today but a lot of ripening happens in 24 hours.  Don't be shy.  Strawberries await!

We will be closed Sunday.

Open Monday from 9am to 1pm.

Bring containers and cash.

Remember no toilet on site this week. Thanks for planning ahead in that regard. 

We will be open Friday from 9am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.  A day of ripening today will make for good picking Friday. The June-bearers are getting better each day.  Beautiful big berries that only come for 4 weeks a year. 

Bring containers and cash.

After Friday's opening we will decide whether we can open Saturday.  Very much hoping to so check back here. We will be closed Sunday for sure.  Thank you for regularly checking this website!