Walking down the aisle…

it's pretty sweet these days.  The aisles of berries------

Although I am running out of words, especially descriptive superlatives, we are not running out of berries.  Come this week for easiest picking of blueberries.   The strawberry patch is a red wonderland of sweetness. Easy to pick bucketfuls.

Buckets and cash and taste buds for the bounty that only summer brings is all that you need.

I guess I wasn't so out of words.  I have the lost the will to post pictures of berries though.  I can only imagine you are happy to never see another photo of a berry for a while.  So flowers.  I'll post photos of flowers.  At this point in the summer, it's easy to digress into things totally non-berry.  Tossing out flower photos seems mildly related.

Open 8am to 1pm Thursday and Friday.  We will be closed Saturday and Sunday this weekend only.  Open again Monday at 8am to 1pm.

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