Berry sale

I am going to sound like a broken record for the next few weeks,  "Lots of strawberries. Crazy amounts. Come and pick"

To celebrate this bounty we are offering a special.  Yes, even farms have sales.  Strawberries are $2.50/lb.  If you pick 15 lbs or more the price is $2.00/lb.  If you pick over 25 lbs the price is $1.75/lb.  There were a few customers today who quickly picked 35 lbs.  It's that easy (and fun) to fill your freezer for the winter.  This is not a blow-out sale/clearance.  No no.  These strawberries still have another few weeks.  There are plenty still to come; lots of blossoms and ones to ripen.

Blueberries still available.  Plenty remain to pick but just not the same league as the strawberries these days.

We are no longer taking blueberry orders but we are taking orders for strawberries.

We are open 9am until close this week.

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