Berries galore…

Perfect picking in the patch!

The low-down on the RASPBERRIES is literally just that---low down.  People had good success in the raspberries today but they were picking low and under the canes.  If you want raspberries it will be a matter of getting down and under. No berries left at eye level. They are definitely on the decline and the sooner you come the better.  The good news is that they are soooo sweet right now.

BLUEBERRIES continue to be excellent in all their ways---big, easy to pick and delicious like they are.

STRAWBERRIES have been well picked the last couple of days but they just keep ripening away. They are having an excellent start to their 2 month season.   There are especially loads of the smaller variety "Tri-star". We will point you in the right direction to ensure you good success picking strawberries.

Fresh Whole Chicken for sale Saturday for $3.75/lb.

We are open 8am to 1pm Saturday.  Closed Sunday.  Open again Monday at 8am to 1pm.

Happy Weekend.  We hope picking berries is part of  wonderful summer weekend for you!


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