Bees a buzzing

The fields are alive with bees. A delightful sight and sound to a berry growers senses. I guess it took a little sun and heat to lure them out. We are sure glad to they are back.

Besides bees buzzing there is the buzz of the saw as the farmer and sons build a brooder for turkey poults. The farm was supposed to welcome turkey poults tomorrow but because of the postal strike they will not be coming. Who would have thought growing poultry would be affected by Canada Post? Wait we will for their safe and speedy delivery soon. Their brooder is ready and waiting. Growing turkeys is a first for Windhover and there is much anticipation.

Most of the vegetables are now planted. Just a few cucumber transplants to put in and a couple squash plants that were a little behind. The field is greening up quickly--mostly with weeds but we're on top of those with hoes and strong hands! Everything is so very green right now. It will be such a delight to see the first colour of red and blue on the berry plants next month.

The Comox Valley Farmer's Market opens on Wednesdays beginning June 15. Now we can eat fresh, local products mid-week. Be sure to visit.

Until next week,


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