Back in April…

Here we are getting a good start on the growing year.  Because remember April?  How very lovely it was.

A fresh slate or patch of dirt as the case here, is always exciting.   And now, 6 or 7 weeks later, these fields look very different.










































These photos will look very similar to last year; dirt, red tractor, the chickens debugging the field, and black plastic.  Except for this.  This kid, all of 65lbs of him, is at the wheel of that tractor.  He's the pro boss--y.  Let me tell you, I know. Gilbert spent hours pulling his parents behind the tractor as we lay on our stomachs, necks arched, taking his instruction to lay out the plastic.  Gilbert will tell you, I quickly went back to being boss once those strawberries were planted!  His help is indispensable.






























Those are the before photos.  The fields are now  full with food---and weeds.  I'll post  the after photos next time.

A week.  I'm thinking next week we may open the gates.  If you want a jump on the season this week, give us a call/email.  There are strawberries enough for a couple of u-pickers each day.

The price is the same as last year,  $2.50/lb.

More updates to come!

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