Introducing the newest little ones














You may have seen or heard these two gals on one of their stays at the lower barn.  They have however, been out of sight spending most of the summer up in greener pasture.  They being "Molly", a Holstein calf and Clover, an Ayrshire  calf ----soon to be cows if all goes according to plan.  They came to us from the farm next door.  Seeing their "people" in the adjacent field was difficult and at first they kept hightailing it over there to reconnect.  But they have now settled in and with all the attention they receive from Gilbert, the herdsman, they are well loved and cared for.














And---because of the Fall Fair and because of those two pictured above being part of the show, we have decided to close shop completely on Saturday.  We don't want to miss their moment!  We highly recommend a visit to the Fall Fair this weekend at the Exhibition Grounds.

There is still plenty of berry season left with some blueberries and endless strawberries available for U-pick.  We are open Wednesday to Friday 8am to 2pm this week.  We will re-open Monday morning at 9am.

Closed Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, the 25th.

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