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And suddenly it’s OCTOBER!

Every year October comes as such a surprize.  But this year, since it is still summer weather-wise, that we are barreling towards Thanksgiving, is especially shocking.

But here we are in Pumpkins season!  With more than enough to be thankful for.

Pie-pumkins, large Jack-O-lanterns, and everything in between.  You can find every size and shape in wagons in our front yard.  Just drop your coinage or billage into our high-tech yogurt container payment system.  $3 for the pie pumpkins and $5 for the Halloween-like pumpkins.

The dismal news these days is squash.  They got squashed (?) by the pumpkins.  Too crowded, too wet, too dry, too weedy,  too perfect weather this summer?  Your guess is better than mine. Whatever the reason, we find ourselves squash-less this fall.  Now pumpkins are a fine substitute, and at Thanksgiving and Halloween, the better choice.  But oh how we will miss the Buttercup, and Butternut and Hubbard, and Acorn and Fiesta and Delicata.  Actually there are Delicatas but they are the sized of a large dill pickle.  If nature be the teacher, we're all ears...

Squash, you are dead to us.  So all the pumpkins, all the time!     We'd love to make your Thanksgiving dinner more orange.

And frozen blueberries sold in 5lb. bags.

And free range eggs.

And roasting chickens.  An excellent choice when a turkey is just too darn big.

Call, email, or drop by.














True choosing her pumpkin.  We always give her first pick.




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