And for Monday…

Yes, strawberries indeed. But they continue in their limited way.  So we will open for two hours only for strawberry U-pick, Monday from 9am to 11am.  It is likely we will be picked out before closing so don't doddle getting here.  Good news is that we will likely open again on Wednesday (but please check here first).

The good, good news is that there is still two months plus of strawberry picking ahead.

The even better news is that we are finding/eating ripe raspberries. Glory be!  So yeah, great for raspberry lovers but great for strawberries pickers too.  Ripe raspberries means we will be open regular hours from there on out. Regular hours means you can come when you can with those strawberries rows  there for the picking.

Crystal clear?  Probably not but we're here for the explaining when you come to pick---to the best of our limited ability.

*Bring buckets and cash.

*Remember no pre-picked berry orders at this time.

*Free Range/Pastured eggs and frozen roasting chickens available

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