All the berries

...all this week!  Blueberries!!!  Strawberries! And Raspberries in their final week.

People had impressive success in the raspberries today.  There are definitely big, sweet berries there.  Just some "up and under" looking required.

Blueberry picking excellence continues.

Strawberries gaining momentum each day.  They are good and will only get better with each chirp of the cricket signalling shorter days, cooler evenings.

Open Monday to Saturday 8am to 1pm for U-pick.  Bring containers and cash.

We have roasting chickens, pastured eggs and "vegetables of the day" available as well.   And flowers by the stem too.

***We are no longer taking orders for pre-picked berries.  The order pages are filled to the brim.   However, we are putting people wanting pre-picked strawberries on a wait list. (ie. no guarantee the order will be filled but we will try our best and hope for a bumper crop).

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