She's the girl who ensures it all happens on the farm;  keeping us, the livestock and the berries safe from the wild critters who threaten to eat us/it all alive!!!  True roars her terrible roar and gnashes her terrible teeth and rolls her terrible eyes and shows her terrible claws---and the wild things flee.  Leaving us, the livestock and berries in peace.  But True couldn't be more mellow and sweet.  She adores attention she gets from people, canine friends, feline friends and any critter she knows doesn't pose a threat.

Thanks True for keeping us in eggs and berries and beef (and kids too!)














But you came for the lowdown on the berries.  Here is the status for Friday, July 24th, 2015:

Open 8am to 1pm for raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry U-pick.  Bring containers and cash.

There are still raspberries ripening each day so the picking is pretty okay for this point in their season.

Lots of sweet, ripe blueberries. The pick is quick.

The strawberries have been well picked this week. They need a day or two to ripen.  It won't be so great tomorrow.

Also available: pastured eggs, roasting chickens, zucchini, cukes and beautiful green beans and even more beautiful flowers by the stem.

Make berry picking a good start to another summer weekend!



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