June around these parts means June-bearing strawberries! As posted yesterday, our 2018 harvest is limited. We will be selling pre-picked strawberries by order only. For now. Please email windhoverfarm@shaw.ca to place your order. We will respond and once the berries are ripe, set up a pick-up time that works for you. Easy? Hopefully!

We apologize that we have no ever-bearing strawberries this year. We did plant up thousands of June-bearers this spring. That means we're ready and set for a big harvest in 2019. In the mean time, "bear" with us this strawberry season. We WILL get back what the infamous winter of 2017 took.

If you made it to the site, well done. We seem to be be experiencing security issues. The site was cleaned a we pay monthly to keep it secure. As I try to figure it out, if you have access to Facebook, that may be more dependable for updates. FB has blocked me from linking to this website. Please keep checking us out when you can. And tell your people.

Now go get June started!