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Open Monday 8am to noon for U-pick.

It will be great!  There's lots of strawberries out there after a day of ripening.  They're beginning to make something of their season. The next few weeks will be excellent.

This will be the last week for blueberries.  The picking is slower but we'll point you to the  bushes with the berries.

Bring cash and containers.

Please check back here for open days the rest of the week. We'll see how tomorrow goes before we announce a Tuesday opening.  If we're not picked out we'll open. If we are picked out we'll open Wednesday.  CHECK BACK HERE before coming out.

We hope to see you!



Open Saturday 9am to 1pm for Upick.

As the summer zips along so does the berry status:

Two days of ripening will have done great things in the strawberry patch. Lots of ripe strawberries.

Blueberries are nearing the end of their season so come in the next week.

Raspberries are done. They gave us over 4 weeks of their sweet goodness and we hope you got your fill. With 50% of the canes lost over the winter we had low expectations for the season. Thanks to our wonderful customers, the raspberry harvest was almost 50% of last year's.  You made something of a far from great season. Sincere thanks for your excellent picking, encouragement and enthusiasm.  

Thankfully, we've got at least a month of strawberries to look forward to and another week of blueberries.

Bring cash and containers. 

Closed Sunday. Open Monday 8am to 1pm.

Happy weekend to you!

Open Wednesday 8am to 1pm for U-pick

The state of the field-----

Raspberries are definitely nearing their 2017 end but I can point you to a couple decent rows tomorrow.

Strawberries were well picked today again--- which proves that they do a whole lot of ripening from noon to 8am the following day.  Indeed I just checked the patch and there are ripe strawberries out there for tomorrow.

Blueberries for the picking too. Have in mind that they have only about a week until their season is over.

Because change happens quickly when the heat is on...

Closed Thursday and Friday.

Open Saturday for sure but please check back here on Friday for Saturday hours.

Bring cash and containers.  It gets warm in the field by 11am so if you are coming after that a hat and water are a good idea.

***Please note that the best way to get a hold of us is via email  (Phone messages get lost in a hectic household that is rarely inside during the summer!)  If you've left a phone message and I haven't got back to you, please email. Thank you!

Blast from a summer past


Open tuesday 8am to 1pm for Upick Raspberries and Blueberries. 

Strawberries were well picked today and need a day to ripen.  Wednesday will be your better day for strawberries. Remember this is the beginning of their season. Plenty of weeks left.

But raspberries and blueberries!!!

Bring containers.  Cash only.

We will open Wednesday. Closed Thursday and Friday. Open Saturday. 

It'll be all about the berries here at the farm.  We are open 8am to 1pm Monday for U-pick.

Blueberries!  Loads of them ripe to pick

Lots of strawberries too.

AND!  Raspberries!  I found a "second season" section of newly ripened raspberries.  If you didn't get your raspberries this season or not enough, come this week. We will point you in the ripe direction and you will have no problem picking.  Promise!

Open Tuesday and Wednesday 8am to 1pm.

Closed Thursday.

Check back here for next weekend hours.

Bring cash, containers and a water bottle.



We are closed Thursday but we will be open the following hours over the BC Day Weekend:

Friday 8am to 11am

Saturday 8am to 1pm

Closed Sunday

Monday 8am to 1pm

Raspberries still to be picked for the tenacious.  If you are motivated, they are there!

Field of blue in the Blueberries.

Strawberries ripening away nicely in the early part of their round two.

Bring cash, containers, a hat and some water.

Stay cool, be safe  but mostly don't be without berries for your long weekend!


It'll be warm but worth your while to pick some berries to have on hand  both for the day and the coming winter!

Open Wednesday from 8am to NOON for U-pick. ***NEW CLOSE TIME AS WE THINK IT WILL BE TOO HOT BY 1PM.

Closed Thursday

Open Friday 8am to 11am.  Open Saturday 8am to 1pm.

Raspberries, Blueberries and Strawberries----All three berries are ripe for the picking.  Still raspberries ripening and to ripen.  You have not missed out yet.  I was pleasantly surprized with the ease of picking this afternoon.  T

Great picking in the blueberries continues and the strawberries have returned.

Bring cash, containers, water and hat.

Piercy Rd will be closed tomorrow between Condensory and Dove Creek Rd.  If you come via the Dove Creek bridge your route is not changed.  If you come via the Condensory bridge then stay on Condensory at the red flashing light until you come to the next 4-way stop.  Turn right on Dove Creek Rd. and you are 1.5km from the farm.


2017-07-03 (6)








The start of a new month of local berries to pick, eat and store.  Comox Valley living/eatingDSC_1222 is good!