Ripening, ripe and ready.  Wow. What a sunny and red turn of events in the raspberries.  Throwing caution to the wind and opening up for raspberry U-pick Friday.  Although only three or four of the 15 rows are ready to pick, they are loaded and we just cannot wait another day!  So early season picking ie. there's going to be a whole lot more, but easy picking none-the-less.

Strawberries for the picking too. They are pretty much heading into their July break but there are still June-bearings to pick.

So come on out for one or both.  Open Friday 8am to noon for strawberry and raspberry U-pick.  We should be good to open Saturday too but always check back here before coming out.

Three important things to remember when you come:

  1. Cash
  2. Containers
  3. the detour at Dove Creek Rd.  It's still quick and easy to find us.  Please see post from 2 days ago for directions and map.

Closed Thursday. Next open day is either Friday or Saturday. Check back here for update tomorrow.

Raspberries for sure next week and blueberries right on their heels. Berry season is just getting going----soon they'll be all three berries to pick!  And with that trio, more regular hours.

*Please note that we are not doing pre-picked raspberries this year. Sorry about this.  They are wonderfully easy to pick though.



Open Wednesday from 8am to noon for strawberry U-pick.

Don't forget about the temporary detour on Dove Creek Rd. Please see yesterday's post for details.  The route is quick, temporary and scenic!

We have a semi operational washroom---toilet but no sink.

The June-bearings have no more blooms so their days are numbered but good picking in them tomorrow. Not to worry, the ever-bearers have their main season ahead.  They should better get going in late July.

Amazing what a week away did weed-wise.  Who knew weeds could take over so quickly?  If you were here last week, you'll notice improvement.   We've made decent weeding progress the last few days and now the thousands of strawberries we planted in May can see the light of day again.  So satisfying---at least for a week.


A great day of picking today means the strawberry patch is picked out.  We will be closed Tuesday and open on Wednesday from 8am to noon for strawberry U-pick.

Until the raspberries start their season, it is likely we will have to continue this open every other day business.   Once the raspberries are ripe, you can count on more regular hours----as regular as this growing business allows!

In an interesting turn of all things berry, it looks like the blueberries are ripening right alongside the raspberries which means it is quite likely will begin picking them at the same time.  We usually are picking raspberries a week or two  before blueberries.  A week?  10 days? Both wild guesses.  Berries always surprize for the good (and the bad). For now, we'll savour the strawberry season knowing that it began well ahead and will last long after the raspberries and blueberries are done.


For the next 10 days or so, there is an alternative, scenic route to the farm.  Dove Creek Rd. will be closed at Piercy while a culvert is put in for that new bridge.  For those coming from Courtenay across Condensory bridge,  stay on Condensory until you hit the intersection of Burns Rd. and Dove Creek Rd.  Turn right on Dove Creek Rd. and follow until you find our signs.  A couple of extra minutes.  Quick and easy.

If you are coming from Headquarters and the one-lane bridge, you will fork left on to Piercy instead of forking right onto Dove Creek. Follow Piercy to the red flashing light. Turn right onto Condensory and follow until you get to the intersection of Burns Rd. and Dove Creek Rd.  Turn right and follow the road until you get to our signs and driveway.  A few extra kms but new and scenic.

Don't let the detour deter you.  If you have any troubles, the fine men of Knappett Construction told me they'd direct you all right to our farm!!  (You just have to pick them a basket of strawberries.)

2017-07-03 (6)


Picked out today already.  Closed Tuesday. Stay tuned for next open day. Thanks for your patience. Lots of strawberry season to come.  They are having a slow start but their second season in late July to September is always good.

It's looking really good in the strawberry rows.  After 2 days of ripening, there will be plenty of sweet, ripe strawberries to pick tomorrow. We are open 8am to 1pm Monday for strawberry U-pick.  Come get those June-bearing strawberries. They produce for a limited time!

Great news on the toilet front---we have a working one.  The sink is next on the list.  We'll have sanitizer on hand with no functioning sink but bringing your own sanitizer is a good idea too.  Drink all the coffee you want before coming, we're ready for you!

Bring containers and cash.