The Raspberry season is in full swing and the picking is great.

Early season blueberry picking.  They're finally turning blue!

We'll be open 8am to 1pm for Raspberry and Blueberry U-pick on Wednesday.

Thursday is our evening U-pick.  Here's a chance for all of you 9 to 5ers to pick!  We will be open 3:30pm to 7:30pm on Thursday for U-pick.  It's supposed to be cloudy and cooler so the late afternoon/evening should be a lovely time to pick.

Still not a lot of strawberries to speak of but plenty of green berries and flowers so they're coming.

Friday hours TBD and we will be open Saturday from 8am to 1pm.

Bring cash and containers.

Raspberries are $3/lb and Blueberries $2.15/lb.


Today wasn't as busy as most Mondays and the raspberries are ripening up a storm on these beautifully warm days so we'd better go with their momentum and open Tuesday.

We will open 8 to 11am Tuesday for Raspberry U-pick.   Shorter hours due to obstructed driveway later on. But it gets hot and so it's better in the earlier morning anyhow!

We will be open Wednesday from 8am to 1pm for U-pick and Thursday for a late afternoon/ evening pick.

There is some early season BLUEBERRY picking too. Bring containers for both!

Bring Cash too.

Raspberries $3/lb.

Blueberries $2.15/lb.


Open Monday from 8am to 1pm for RASPBERRY U-pick.  The picking will be great as we were closed Sunday.

There are the same 50 or so blueberry bushes ready to pick so a limited start to the long awaited blueberry season.  We'll start picking the other 600+ bushes some time this week.  Blueberry lovers, the time is near!

The strawberry rows were very well picked on Saturday so not much out there for the next few days.

The tentative schedule which we hope to stick to this week:

Open Monday, closed Tuesday, open Wednesday, afternoon/evening pick Thursday, open Friday and Saturday.  But please, please, check here first before coming out.

Bring containers and we are cash only.

Another beautiful July week of local berries begins....!


Although the raspberries were very well picked on Thursday thus making today's (Friday) picking slower, we really don't want to be closed on Saturday.  So we won't!   Because there are always, always raspberries ripening away each hour.  And there are some strawberries to pick and there are about 50 blueberry bushes ripe to pick so a very small amount of blueberries to pick too.

We will open on Saturday from 8:30am to noon for U-pick.  Between the trio of berries, you can fill a few buckets for your delicious summer weekend eating.

Closed Sunday.  Open Monday from 8am to 1pm.

Another glorious summer weekend in the Valley---enjoy yours.


I was just in the field picking raspberries and 'twas easy to fill my bucket so that means Friday is a go.  Yeah!  Not to mention the weather is just too lovely for picking not to be open.  Almost certain we will open Saturday too. But check back here to be certain.

Open Friday from 8am to noon for Raspberry U-pick.

A good number of people had success picking strawberries so they're out there and slowly making their come back.  The patch is always open for picking.

Blueberries real soon...

We continue to be so grateful to our customers for making the best of a less than best raspberry season.  You're packing the raspberries out of the field with the same energy and smiles you always have.  Every full bucket lessens the blow of the losses.  Many thanks and know that the picking has greatly improved this week and should continue to into week two of the season.

It's much redder in the raspberry rows than it was yesterday. One day of ripening does bright things in the berries!

We are open Thursday 8am to 1pm for raspberry U-pick.

It'll be all about the raspberries tomorrow although there are some strawberries.  There are always some for the picking.

Cannot yet open for blueberries, but heavens, soon. Very, very soon.

I hesitate to announce an open day Friday so I won't.  Check back tomorrow afternoon to find out.  Unfortunately, this a day by day season so far. Not fun for you, us or anyone who cares about the best part of summer---fresh berries!


The raspberries canes are well picked and need a day to ripen so we will be closed Wednesday.  Open Thursday from 8am to 1pm for Raspberry U-pick.

We were really hoping to a hit a regular "Open" stride but it's not to be--- quite yet.  A great alternative to picking berries is hitting the downtown Farmer's Market which happens on Wednesdays.

We're still waiting on the blueberries but it shouldn't be long...

Okay people of the Raspberry---you are picking and packing the berries out of the field like there is no 50% crop loss and we are ever grateful and encouraged!

We are open Tuesday from 8am to 1pm for Raspberry U-pick.  All signs are that the picking is good and there will be no tears shed over this season.

We must also make mention of the perfectly pleasant picking weather.  Lovely in the field....

Strawberry picking continues to be for the tenacious.  More blooms are appearing this week and we are looking forward to their main event in a few weeks.

Open days for the rest of this week to follow.   Although we are finally establishing some sort of a open/closed rhythm, please always check back here before coming out for the most recent updates.

Don't forget you cash and containers.

Dove Creek Rd. open again.

Open Monday from 8am to 1pm for Raspberry (& strawberry) U-pick.

A weekend of ripening will make for good picking in the raspberries.  There are strawberries but only for the most tenacious of pickers.  The strawberries will return within a few weeks.  Their main season is still ahead.

As for the raspberries....

The canes suffered heavy loss in the winter due to root rot.  We lost approximately 50% of the canes.  It's been difficult to see the canes slowly die off over the last 6 weeks.  It's definitely not pretty to look at; the rows with losses look terrible.  As farmers we make a lot of mistakes and pay the consequences.  However, it seems we can blame "the wettest winter ever!" for this one.  There are ways to respond though; planting more resistant varieties, spraying for root rot or looking to replace the raspberries with a crop that does better in a flood-prone field.

There is always good news; the surviving canes are producing their usual beautiful raspberries.  You/we have never been able to harvest the full bounty of raspberries.  There's always been plenty left on the canes.  So this year we hope to remedy that and pick every berry that's there!  That means there should be about 2500lbs of raspberries to pick in the next few weeks.

We hope to see you tomorrow to continue the raspberry season.  Blueberry picking should begin later this week.  And strawberries always and forever....

More good news is the detour is no longer.  Dove Creek Rd. is now open at Piercy so a straight shot to the farm once again.

Bring container and cash.



A good start to the raspberry season means the canes need a couple of days to ripen up again.  We will be closed Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who came today.  You picked over a 120 lbs of raspberries and got the season off to a great start!

The strawberries are officially in their July lull.  They'll be back.  Hopefully in three weeks or less.  We'll keep you updated right here.

We will be open Monday at 8am to noon for raspberry U-pick and there will be strawberries for the tenacious picker.