You kill us with your ways but the strawberries won't have any of it.  The season is in full swing and there's no stopping these berries now. Lots in the field and the June-bearing are ripening too so we may get a first pick of those this week.

We are open 9am to 1pm on Thursday for U-pick strawberries.  Come on out, the picking is great and there's no better way to deny June it's weather than to be eating sweet, local berries!

See you soon.

Bring containers and cash.

After this morning's pick there are still plenty of strawberries out there.  Hoping for a dry day tomorrow, we'll try to catch the afterschool crowd and open from 3 to 5pm on Wednesday.  Come on out for the first local strawberries of the season.

The plan is still to open on Thursday at 9am and Saturday.  But please check back here before you head out

Pasture-raised eggs for sale too $5/dz.



That's right!  We're throwing caution to the wind because we just can't wait for the first ripe strawberries of the season to be picked.  We must emphasize that this is early season.  There are not oodles of strawberries out there but enough to fill a bowl or two for fresh eating.   This is "make a shortcake picking" and not
"fill your freezer" picking.  Those days will come though.

We will open Tuesday from 9am to 11am.   We won't open the gate until 9am.

Don't forget your cash and containers.

Stay tuned here for more open days this week.  Thursday and Saturday are the plan but we'll wait and see what happens in the patch

While we patiently wait for the 2017 berry season to begin, I thought I'd throw out some strawberry picking information for new and veteran pickers.

Strawberry season begins in June and ends in late September.  The majority of our strawberries are Everbearing.  Their  main season is late July and they produce as long as the weather holds-- well into September and even October.  We do grow June-bearing as well.  The Ever-bearers ripen first and that is what we will be picking (very soon!)  The June-bearers will follow quickly and will produce for 3 or so weeks.

Hours: Our picking hours are irregular and based on availability as the season begins.  We announce an opening 24 hours in advance.  If we get picked out, we are forced to close for a day or two for ripening and then announce another opening.  Generally we are open in  the mornings for a few hours.  We try really hard to open on Saturdays for the first few weeks.  We know you people are working!  All's to say, we can't set regular hours yet.  But we eventually do.  Once the raspberries ripen in early July we commence regular, easy to figure out hours. By then you have your choice of strawberries, raspberries and the blueberries. We more than appreciate your patience with our irregular hours in June.  Please always check here and our Windhover Farm Facebook page before coming out.  We promise to update.

There is high demand for early strawberries.  Although plenty of berries, know that our strawberries produce all summer long and there is 3 months of picking. Due to high demand, we don't let anyone into the field until the time we set to open.

We do pre-picked orders for strawberries but due to high demand in June, we do not fill any orders until the main season in late July, & August.  We will not be doing any pre-picked raspberries orders in 2017 but yes,  to pre-ordered blueberries.

We love kids. We have four.  Children are welcome but must be supervised at all times.  Kids left on their own in the field will eat--- a whole lot of berries.  We recognize the littles will taste but know that a handful is berries is plenty and after that, we appreciate that you lay down the berry law of pick and pay before eating.

Bring your own containers please.

Although Shaw finally brought us high-speed Internet(!!!!!!!!!!!!), for now we are still cash only.  We are working on entering the 21st century!

Are you still here?! We WILL open this week.  Expect an announcement in the next 24 hours.  We are excited for the 2017 to begin.  We look forward to seeing everyone.  You are the highlight of our farm year!















The arrival of robins was our first clue that the strawberries are ripening. As soon as the number of ripe berries outnumber the number of birds, picking should commence!  We are hoping next week?  Our predictions are as fickle as the weather so I hesitate to guess any more definite than "soon".  Sorry to keep you in limbo.  We all waited all spring for the sun and it came.  So too will the red, sweet strawberries.  Meanwhile you'll find us in the patch, attempting to out-eat the robins.

DSC_0255Happy June 1st!

June is a month I love with it's long days and all the expectation of the sweet berries to come.  Strawberries are at both the bloom stage and the green berry stage. There are are thousands of green berries in the patch.  They'll be turning red before our eyes throughout the month.  Reports from berry farmers in the Fraser Valley say they are 3 to 4 weeks later than the last couple of years. They expect ripening to come more in line with all the years before the two outliers year of 2015 & 2016.  So we're going with their prediction and think mid-June for strawberries.  Raspberries in early July and blueberries mid-July. Until then we're weeding and weeding and doing some more weeding.  It's amazing the weeds that flourished in the wet spring.  BUTTERCUP BE GONE.  IT IS THE WORST...

Enjoy these first days of June and make sure you are eating the last of your frozen berries. Fresh ones before this month is gone!DSC_0243DSC_0252