Although a difficult decision, it looks like it will be best to close Saturday.  The patch was well picked today. Closed Sunday.

We will open Monday from 8am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.  The picking will be good after 2 days for ripening. The June-bearings are reaching their peak. The ever-bearing are limping along. We're not seeing fantastic production from them so we are expecting amazing strawberries in their main season, late July to September.  Lots of strawberries for next week and even more to come by mid-summer.

We saw the first ripe raspberries a few days ago and even a blueberry that was blue!  It won't be long before we begin picking those.  2 weeks?

Have a wonderful First of July long weekend celebrating Canada, summer and most of all SUN!


Friday's a go for Upick strawberries. We will open 9am to 1pm.  Given the trend that we are picked out after we open, we will be closed on Saturday. Probably.  Check back here to be sure.  We are really sorry about that as we know so many of you work during the week.  Please know there is a long strawberry season ahead and we harvest well into September AND we will be open most Saturdays except this one (!)

I feel the need to share picking tips.  Some of you left disappointed on Wednesday feeling that there weren't many berries. I decided to join customers for the last hour we were open to see what it was like in the patch.  About five us easily picked full ice cream buckets fairly quickly.  You can't see ripe strawberries from above the row. You have to get down, stay down and look for the berries under the plants.  Most of the strawberries, after 5 hours of being open, were on the edge of the rows hidden under leaves.  There were so many.  I picked 5lbs. on half a side of one row of Junebearings.  As well, with the June's, if there is a wee bit of white on the tip, the berry is ripe and sweet. And, it will turn red by days end if not eaten.  June's are for fresh eating and need to be picked before over-ripe as they soften really quickly.  We know the June-bearing picking is definitely slower than the everbearings.  They take more time to find under leaves but you'll be well rewarded for your efforts.  The fast picking days of everbearers will come but there time is not yet. I think I couldn't say more about this except that I'm sorry that I failed to share this info.  with you earlier this week.

Come on out tomorrow to pick delicious strawberries for your Canada Day celebrations.

Open 9 to 1 Friday. 

Bring containers and cash.  no toilet on site.

If you were out at the farm last week, you would know that we were MIA.  And if you're a regular reader of our website, you would have noticed the posts last week unusually brief and vague---because we were far, far away from the patch we were trying to update you on!   If here picking you would also have had the pleasure of meeting my brother who ran the farm all week.  Derek managed to do a job that often takes 2, 3, 4 and up to 5 of us to do on any given day.  We are so grateful to him for taking this on. He gave us the opportunity to attend a wedding celebration.

Our travels included driving through the main strawberry growing region of California for hours on end.  Humbling to be home to our little patch way up the coast from the California strawberry mecca.  We didn't eat any down there knowing that Comox Valley berries were here waiting for us.

Wonderful to arrive home to rows upon rows of ripe strawberries.  Not so wonderful to see the weeds out-competing--- row upon row.  After an afternoon of weeding in the June-bearers, we discovered just how many of those gems are hidden away in the bushy plants.  There are loads of them.  However, unlike the ever-bearers planted in raised rows in plastic, they take some searching to find.  They are worth the looking as they only come around for a short few weeks each year.   All's to say, we will stay closed as planned Tuesday to allow the ever-bearers to ripen up.  (And allow us some more time to weed!) Come Wednesday, there will be plenty of both types of strawberries.  But the June strawberries are where you will be rewarded and I will point you there.

Home to strawberries, weeds, verbose website posts, and all of you who make swinging the gate open a very fine vocation.  It's good to be home.

PS I am sorry if you called or emailed last week and didn't hear from us.  Please call or email again.  We're back online and at our phone and we will respond. We promise!


We are open Monday from 9am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick. Picking strawberries on a Monday morning is a very fine way to start your week and beat the heat.

$3/lb. for U-pick. We will not have any pre-picked at the farm for sale for the foreseeable future.

Picking is quick and easy though!

Closed Tuesday. Open Wednesday. Check back here for more open hours this week.

Bring containers, cash and remember no toilet on site.

We will open Saturday from 10am to 1pm. This will allow for some morning ripening. The patch was well picked today but a lot of ripening happens in 24 hours.  Don't be shy.  Strawberries await!

We will be closed Sunday.

Open Monday from 9am to 1pm.

Bring containers and cash.

Remember no toilet on site this week. Thanks for planning ahead in that regard. 

We will be open Friday from 9am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.  A day of ripening today will make for good picking Friday. The June-bearers are getting better each day.  Beautiful big berries that only come for 4 weeks a year. 

Bring containers and cash.

After Friday's opening we will decide whether we can open Saturday.  Very much hoping to so check back here. We will be closed Sunday for sure.  Thank you for regularly checking this website!  

After another walk thrust this morning, we realize that the patch is thin. We will open as planned but encourage you to wait until the next picking day to come out. We will post that day asap. Thanks for your patience, the strawberries are ripening!

So we are open but don't bother coming out! Crystal clear?

Check back here later today.

Happy first day of summer.  Long awaited and we're ready to eat it up! Literally!

Sorry for the late update.  We always want to make a good decision whether to open so that you have plenty to pick. 

On that note----Still plenty of strawberries out there so come on out.  We will open from 9am to noon Thursday for strawberry U-pick. The June-bearers will really like the warmer temps.  Nothing but better days now for the strawberries with some decent weather. June will be June but the strawberries will be strawberries and keep ripening like summer has arrived!

A Friday opening is likely but will depend on what the patch looks like after tomorrow's pick. So check back here as always. 

Bring containers and cash.

No bathroom this week. Very sorry.

Bad news on the bathroom front.  We will not have a functioning toilet to use on the farm this week.

Something to do with; winter.freezing.pipes.needsafixunderground.

Remember to go before you leave home!  But we have lots of wooded area for emergencies.

The good news is that we will have some fresh pre-picked strawberries for sale today for $4.50/lb.  Remember we are open Friday from 2pm to 5pm for U-pick.  The weather is looking lovely for picking.

Also open Saturday and Monday and Wednesday and next Saturday from 9am to 1pm.  Always check back here before coming out though.  Hours subject to change due to availability and weather and other catastrophes!

DSC_0600Living up to their name we have the Junes! The ripening of June-bearing strawberries means the season is in full swing.  A couple of brave souls made a great start in picking them today.  Not wanting to delay picking in their brief season (3 weeks or so), we will open Friday from 2pm to 5pm for strawberry U-pick.  There are loads of berries out there.  The picking will be easy.

Not liking the picking limbo we leave you in, here's the opening day plan for the next week:

Saturday open 9am to 1pm

Monday 9am to 1pm

Wednesday 9am to 1pm

Saturday the 24th from 9am to 1pm

This is subject to change so please check back here before coming out but it looks like there's no stopping these berries now.  And we say with confidence that we've said  goodbye to any storm like todays until next November. Right?  Right!

Bring containers and cash.