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2017 Berry Season!

Well hello berry people. It's been awhile but as the fields come alive so does this site.  And after one heck of a lovely long weekend, we're springing to life!  You may or may not remember that by this date last year and in 2015, we were already picking strawberries.  But because winter just ended last week, we are a little ways off the first berries of the season.  Wildly guessing 3 weeks?   We won't keep you guessing because we'll be posting here regularly from here on out to keep you updated.  Although not typical of the last 2 years, we may be looking at a more typical growing season; Strawberries mid-June to late September, Raspberries first week of July and all month and Blueberries mid-July to mid-August.    Regardless of dates, we can't wait to see you for the harvest.

Meanwhile we're just finishing this (3 weeks later than normal).