STRAWBERRIES continue to be marvelous.  So many berries as they keep ripening away.  We will point you to the best rows.

BLUEBERRY picking is getting slower as the bushes are getting well picked this week but there are most definitely blueberries out there.  It  just takes some scouting for the right/ripe bush.  Come this week for ease of picking.  Next week will be slower if there are any left(?!)

We are open Wednesday from 8am to 1pm for U-pick.

***Please check back here daily for open days as we are may close a day this week for ripening.

For tomorrow there are blue and loads of red. It will be another beautiful August day in the berry field. We hope to see you!


Today was an excellent day picking in the STRAWBERRY and BLUEBERRY field and we expect more of the same Tuesday.

Beautiful strawberries both big and small.

Blueberries continuing to impress.

We are open 8am to 1pm for day 2 of fantastic berry picking in August!

Please bring containers and cash.

***As we are soon to enter the part of the berry season where strawberries become the MAIN berry, please check back here daily for opening days. We will most likely open 5 rather than 6 days as we will try to ensure some ripening days to optimize strawberry picking.

Finally a little colour coming from the garden














A pretty little distraction from so many berries.  Although my belly tells me berries are my true love!