Bonanza continues! There's no shortage of delicious raspberries and blueberries.  Easy picking and fun and maybe a little therapeutic too(!)

Some strawberries.  The patch is ripening.

Rain or shine we are open Thursday from 8am to 1pm.  Open every day but Sunday.

Bring cash and containers.

Beef,  chicken, and eggs available for sale.

We hope to see you!

Happy days in the field.  Raspberries continue to be extra-ordinary.  We keep emphasizing but really, we're not over-emphasizing.  They're fantastic.

Blueberries are getting to the excellent stage too.

Strawberries are getting better.  Plenty to pick and they will only get better.

What else can we say?   Windhover Farm pickers are amazing.  You are bringing loads of berries out of the field like you mean it----like you mean to eat summer up then carry it through the winter(!)

We are so grateful for such an incredible berry season and the happy harvesters making it so.  It' s one thing for the crops to grow but it's all meaningless without dedicated, diligent and delightful pickers.  thank you!

We are open each day from 8am to 1pm for U-pick.  Closed Sunday.

Cash only.  Please bring buckets.

These berries headed up to Port Hardy:

(Hello North Island, worth a trip!)














Raspberry goodness


of July.  Cruising right along in the midst of a fabulous berry season all around.  I wish we had photos to document the bounty.  But so busy selling, harvesting, eating, repeat.

Raspberries--so many.

Blueberries---it's really good out there.  Big, easy to pick blueberries.

Strawberries--improving each day as they love these cooler temps.  For Tri-star lovers, there a lots of those to pick.

We are open 8am to 1pm all week. Closed Sunday.

Bring containers and cash.  We apologize that we are cash only.

And there's grass-fed beef, roasting chicken and pastured eggs too.

And the berry-ness of summer continues.

The RASPBERRIES are phenomenal.  We can't over-state their bounty.  And not only, they are perfectly delicious too.  Come when you can.   It's completely worth your while to partake of their abundance.  We think we can safely say this crop is better than last years bumper crop.

And the BLUEBERRIES are coming along in very good way.  Also easy to pick and delicious in their blueberry-ness.

Strawberries yes.  They chug along but will become more abundant as the month goes along.

We are open 8am to 1pm  every day this week but Sunday for U-pick.

Bring containers and cash.  Hint: bring more containers than you think you will fill.  (And thus more $ than you think you will need!!)

Happy Monday!

We hope your are in the midst of a fun and relaxing July long weekend.

We are open Saturday from 8am to 1pm for Raspberry and Blueberry U-pick. Closed Sunday. Open Monday at 8am.

Raspberries continue to be amazing.  Height of their season.

Blueberries are having a great start to their season.  The Dukes are huge and ripe and plentiful.  For those who filled their buckets with pounds and pounds of the Duke variety, despite the weeds(!)--you'll be happy to know we made good work of the weeds in many of the rows this afternoon. Thistles be gone!!  The Bluecrop are ripening away and very pick-able and weeded (for the most part!).

Strawberries too.  Just  not that many these days.  But always some.

**We apologize to anyone who drove out today and encountered a "closed" sign.   We were very open but the sign may have been flipped somehow/some way during the course of the day.  We hope we didn't miss you and we're sorry if you were inconvenienced and mostly sorry that right now you are  without berries.

Bring containers and cash.

We have beef and chicken for your long weekend grilling.

We hope to see you