It's strawberry awesome-ness out there.  We are open Wednesday from 9am to noon for U-pick.

Loads of ripe berries in the patch.  The June-bearing strawberries are at their best; quick to pick, big, and sweet.

Brings containers and cash.  Strawberries are $2.75/lb.

Please check back here for hours the rest of the week.  We will post daily.

Grass-fed Beef and Roasting Chicken for sale.


A few photos from today...

Pauline's haul today.  Pauline is a month away from 90 years old ! 20lbs in one hour!














Everett's big find





























Row upon row of ripeness

Please note this is an edited update from the post I wrote one hour ago.

We will open Tuesday, June 7th from 9am to 11am for strawberry U-pick.

Because a better look in the June-bearing strawberries tonight, in the cool of the evening (with a lovely breeze to boot), and we discovered plenty of big,  ripe berries. Sweetness! There is no need to wait until  Wednesday to open when the berries are ripe today!  Beautiful strawberries wait for nobody. So come on out with containers and cash.

If Tuesday is not your day, there are more open days coming this week.   Day to excellent day...stay tuned right here.  'Tis the season!

The perfect strawberry weather continues.  Get your buckets ready!

The strawberry season is humming along and it's a good one!

We look forward to being open on Monday from 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick.  Loads of ripe berries in both June and Ever-bearing strawberries.

Brings containers and cash.  Beef and chicken for sale also.

PS  It is likely we will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week.   Closed Saturday and Sunday.  But please check back here to make sure.  Things are always changing.



It's looking really good in the strawberry field!  Open Saturday from 9am to noon for a morning of what will be excellent picking.

Both June and Ever-bearing ripe and ready to pick.

Bring containers and cash.  Strawberries are $2.75/lb.

We also have grass-fed beef and roasting chickens for sale.

We'll be closed Sunday and open again Monday at 9am.

Happy Warm Weekend to you!


We will be closed Friday, June 3rd for ripening.

We will be open Saturday from 9am to noon for Strawberry U-pick.  It will be a great day for picking with sweet, big ripe strawberries and warm sun!

We will be closed Sunday and open on Monday from 9am to noon.

Both June and Ever-bearing available to pick.  It's an excellent strawberry season so far with lots more to come.

Happy Friday to you!


We will open Thursday from 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick. The picking will be decent.  Not quite as good as it was today when we were open. But --both June-bearing and Ever-bearing are ripening away and making June the glorious strawberry month that we all know and hope for!  Big, red sweetness all around.

June-bearers typically produce for 3 weeks (so 3 weeks left) and ever-bearers produce all summer long.

$2.75/lb.  Please bring containers and cash.

We are well-stocked with Grass-fed Beef and Roasting Chicken for sale.

Please check back for next opening days.  It will be Friday and/or Saturday. Closed Sunday.