RASPBERRIES.  This will be an exceptional week for RASPBERRY picking and starting tomorrow already!

We are open Monday at 9am until 1pm for Raspberry U-pick. It's excellent picking.  We promise!  Saturday pickers were more than satisfied.

So many raspberries.  Some Strawberries.  We give the strawberrries no better status that that.  There are June-bearing to be picked.  Many survived a wet week.  Many didn't.  The ever-bearing are not  affected by rain but a couple days of sun will do them some good.

You can plan to add a bowl of strawberries to your car/truck-load of raspberries and all will be good in the berry world of jam and shortcake and berries and cream and popsicles and wine and a bowl-full straight up.

Raspberries are $3/lb.  Strawberries are $2.75/lb.

Open all week but please check back here for exact hours.

Grass-fed Beef and Roasting Chickens for sale.

Remember your cash and containers and to drive slowly up to the parking.

See you soon!



The season is in full swing--- so many raspberries!  Beautiful bucketfuls of berries left the field today.

We are open Saturday from 9am to noon for RASPBERRY U-PICK.

Closed Sunday.  Open Monday at 9am.

The strawberries have hit a bit of a lull (as they sometimes do after there first big production).  The June-bearing took a bit of a hit with the rain but there are some to ripen and they should be pickable by Monday.

Remember that there is a long season of strawberries ahead.  They produce all summer long (until Oct. 1 last year) but have their lulls which we seem to have hit this week.


And there is absolutely no shortage of them.

Bring containers and $$

A couple of reminders:  No dogs in the field.  We are cash only.  Please drive up the driveway to the parking area slowly as there are often little children about.  Thank you so much for remembering all this!

Happy Weekend to you. May it be filled with raspberries!


in the Raspberry world!

It's the most RASPBERRY time of the year .  And we're excited to say they are very ready!  They are red, ripe and ready so come on out for the first raspberry picking of 2016!!

We won't even qualify the opening by saying it is early season picking because there are that many and it no longer looks early season-ish out there.  (It's amazing what "no sun" does for ripening??)

We are open Friday from 9am to 1pm for BOTH Strawberry and Raspberry U-pick.

There are big, ripe, sweet strawberries too.  Come for the raspberries and stay for the strawberries.  There may be one week left of June-bearing strawberries.

The other big news is that this means the commencement of REGULAR hours.  Indeed!  We will now open Monday to Saturday for the duration of berry season (for the most part).  We're not quite at early opening hours yet but that will come with the heat.

***Please continue to check here before you head out as we're known to mess change hours up a bit as life demands.

Bring containers and cash.

Grass-fed beef and Roasting Chickens also available


Who needs sun?  These June-bearers are BIG!  They may look as big as an apple but they are ALL strawberry.


on THURSDAY, June 16th.  Picked out!  There were some amazing strawberry angels/fairies/troopers who picked through the downpour this morning and made good work of the ripe/wet berries.

We will close Thursday to let the strawberries both ripen and dry out.  Stay tuned for the next open day which will be either Friday or Saturday.

Raspberries are soooo close.  Except an OPENING very soon.   Possible before this week is out.  We know the sun's a coming and it will turn berries dramatically from pink to red.

Summer is about to return and with it, ripeness and goodness in the field.  We are thankful for the rain but welcome the sun when it re-appears.

It's damp for sure and a little on the cool side  but the strawberries keep ripening away. They are big, sweet and will brighten your day.   This is turning into a  high supply, low demand week so come on out as the picking is easy.

We are open a staggering 2 times on Wednesday.  That's right!  We will open from 9am to noon as usual and then from 4pm to 6pm.

Bring cash and containers.

Grass-fed Beef and Roasting Chickens available.

Raspberries soon....SO keep your focus on strawberries for the time being.

We are open on Tuesday from 9am to noon for STRAWBERRY U-PICK.

Today was quiet so there will be loads of berries for tomorrow.  Despite the rain, they keep ripe, ripe, ripening away!  They are just as big and sweet and quick to pick.

Strawberries actually love these temps as it's not too hot and it's lovely weather to pick in.

Bring buckets of and cash(!)  We hope to see you.

Grass-fed beef and roasting chickens available.


Beautiful stawberries went home in buckets this afternoon...

And it may be damp on Monday morning but they'll be ripe strawberries for the picking and we'll be here.    We are open 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick on Monday morning.

The June-bearing have about 2 more weeks and the ever-bearing---it's all in their name!

Bring containers and cash

Roasting Chicken, Grass-fed Beef and Pastured Eggs also available in the market.

Please check back here for hours on Tuesday and beyond

Berry good days in the strawberry patch!  Loads of them out there.  They love this weather so they are huge and the picking is quick.

We are open Friday from 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick . Get your fill for the weekend and enjoy some sweet goodness from the valley. I'm thinking shortcake, crepes, and straight up...

We are closed Saturday.

Please check back here on Saturday as we may open Sunday afternoon depending on the weather and the ripening.  For sure we will be open Monday at 9am.

Bring containers and cash.

Friday is the last day for Fresh Whole Chickens  $3.75/lb.   Frozen available throughout the summer.

Grass-fed Beef cuts available too.


for strawberry U-pick from 9am to noon

The strawberries are ripening away and beautiful.  They love this weather.  Not too hot, not wet.  Big berries and easy to find.

We will also open on Friday from 9am to noon.  Closed Saturday.  Sunday TBD.

$2.75/lb  Please bring containers and cash.

Fresh whole chickens available Thursday and Friday.  $3.75/lb.

Those are the details!  Hope to see you soon.

(Pssss... We are finding ripe Raspberries.  It won't be long.)