Make it red and white one by picking RASPBERRIES to pair with some cream!

We are open on July 1st from 8am to 1pm for RASPBERRY and BLUEBERRY U-PICK

The excellence continues in the raspberries.  No shortage of ripe raspberries.  Prime time in the canes.   They have a good 2 weeks left of their season.

Blueberries are off to a great start.  No shortage of ripe ones to fill your buckets.  We anticipate all of July we will be full of the  harvest of blueberries.

Strawberry status remains the same.  Some but few. They will return soon.

Open Monday to Saturday 8am to 1pm.  Closed Sunday.

Bring containers and cash.

Grass-fed beef, roasting chicken and pastured eggs available.

We hope tomorrow is the start of a wonderful July for you....

RASPBERRIES---Yes!  They continue to be excellent.  Best of the season.

BLUEBERRIES---Yes!  A great start to their season today.  Loads of the Duke variety out there.

STRAWBERRIES---Still on their summer break but they're coming back and soon.




Open 8am to 1pm Thursday

*****We will be open on July 1st from 8am to 1pm****

Bring containers and cash.


Yipee!  Raspberries AND Blueberries.   A bit of sun did what we hoped and the sun is slowly turning blueberries from green to blue.

Early season picking in the blueberries.  We will mostly be picking in the younger Duke bushes (of which there are only 50 plants) the first couple of days.  If Dukes are your favourite, then this is your time.  The rest of the bushes are ripening by the minute and their picking will steadily improve over the next few days.

The raspberry picking continues to be excellent.  Abundant and big and sweet.  It's never been better.  Possibly?!

Strawberries, not the best of their long season, but there are some out there. Not many.  They will come back in big way and produce well into September.

Bring cash and containers.

Grass-fed beef, roasting chicken and pastured eggs for sale.

Open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 1pm.

We look forward to seeing you for the summer berry harvest.

Is the 2016 crop better than the raspberry "bumper crop" bonanza of 2015?  Quite possibly.  It is exceptionally good out there in the canes.  I just can't picture that last year's crop was this good.

Soooo...!  Come on out and be part of the raspberry goodness that is 2016.

We are open Tuesday from 9am to 1pm. Many of you want to beat the heat so starting on Wednesday we will open at 8am.

Strawberries were well picked today.  Again, there will be some tomorrow but it's only going to get more abundant in the strawberry patch with this sun.

Next up is blueberries.  It's getting close.  We can't wait until all three berries are part of the best of summer eating.  But we sure are enjoying the best of the raspberries....

Bring cash and containers.

Pastured eggs, beef and chicken also for sale.



of June and school BUT NOT the last week of any berry around these parts.

We are open Monday to Wednesday from 9am to 1pm for RASPBERRY and STRAWBERRY U-pick.  If the heat truly comes, we'll begin opening at 8am on Thursday and from there on out.

Ultimate raspberry picking, ultimate taste.  It's the mega crop!  Picking is soooo easy, the berries soooo delicious.

And the strawberries made some decent ripening progress over the wknd.  Still nothing to be shouting about but there are strawberries for the picking and they are getting more plentiful.

We're still not able to make a call on blueberry ripening other than soon.  We know the sun will do wonders and blue will hit us faster than we think.  Stay tuned for blueberry news.

We're looking forward to a fantastic week in the rows.  It's fun to watch car-loads of berries head out of here!

Bring cash and containers.

Grass-fed beef, roasting chickens and pastured eggs available.

the sun, berries, it's the weekend!

We are open on Saturday from 9am to 1pm for Raspberry and Strawberry U-pickClosed Sunday. Open Monday at 9am.  We will start opening at 8am on June 30th.

Raspberry picking is excellent.  Ridiculous amounts of ripe raspberries in the rows. So easy, so delicious.  Big berries.  It's the season!

Strawberry picking is limited but the Ever-bearing are coming along in a ripe way and there are June-bearers still to be found.

Bring containers and cash and extra cash for grass-feed beef, roasting chickens or pastured eggs.

Happy weekend to you

We are open 9am to 1pm for RASPBERRY and STRAWBERRY U-PICK.

Grab some raspberries for your weekend brunch.  So many raspberries (and they are extra clean!).  Picking is quick and satisfying. You'll head home with beautiful berries.  We promise!

Strawberries out there too.  They just take a little searching.  The sun's coming and so will their abundance.

Bring containers and cash.



We are open Thursdsay, Friday and Saturday from 9am to 1pm for Raspberry (& Strawberry) U-pick.

Loads of raspberries. Some strawberries.  There are strawberries to pick for the tenacious and those who love the June-bearing because there are still some there.   Plenty of green ones about to turn.  It won't be long(?) before the rows are filled with ripe strawberries again.

Bring containers and cash.

Grass-fed beef, roasting chickens and pastured eggs for sale.

Happiness= mid-week picking under grey skies!  Buckets of raspberries will brighten your week.  We hope.


So many raspberries!  So we will double-dip on Wednesday which means we will open from 9am to 1pm and from 4pm to 6pm for Raspberry and Strawberry U-pick. With a big emphasis on the RASPBERRIES.  The strawberries are coming along and there are still June-bearing ripening away but the easier picking is in the oh-so abundant raspberries.  Big, beautiful and easy to find.

A photo or two may tell their story



























Bring containers and cash plus extra cash for grass fed beef and roasting chickens.

Let the berry-ness of June continue.  We look forward to seeing you at the farm.

BERRIES!  It's the mega crop.  Big, beautiful, easy to pick raspberries any which way you look in the rows.  The season is in full swing and it's an excellent one so far.

We are open Tuesday from 9am to 1pm for RASPBERRY and STRAWBERRY U-PICK

The was little activity in the strawberries today so there are 10 or so rows with good picking.  Last week for June-berries.  They are big and juicy.

*We are open all week. Closed Sunday.

**Bring containers and cash.

***Beef, chicken and eggs also available.

Happy 1st day of summer (Laura did a little happy jig at 3:34 today!)  We wish you a wonderful summer that is filled with BERRIES.