and June-bearing!  The Junes are ripening away. Along with the dependable ever-bearing strawberries, the patch is red and excellent for the picking.

We are open Wednesday, June 1st from 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick.  Lots of ripe berries in the patch with the day they had to ripen.

Please bring cash and buckets. The strawberries are $2.75/lb.

Also available:

Grass-fed beef cuts:  Roasts, ground, stew, and plenty of steak cuts for the barbecue.  Ask us for a price list.

Roasting Chickens $3.75/lb

The field was well picked today so we will give it a day to ripen.

Closed Tuesday, May 31st.  Open Wednesday, June 1st from 9am to noon for STRAWBERRY U-PICK.

The strawberries are beautiful (delicious too!) and easy to pick.   Doesn't take long to fill a bucket.  Both June and Ever-bearing strawberries ready to pick.

Check back here for open days for the rest of the week.  Still day to day at this point in the season.  Thank you for your patience.  The berries are worth the wait though!

See you in June!   It's going to be a fantastic berry month.

We are open for STRAWBERRY U-PICK Monday from 9am to noon.

Loads of ripe strawberries in the patch.  The ripening was not hampered by the rain and there were few pickers on the weekend so picking will be excellent.  So far our early season is much more productive than in 2015.  The first strawberry shortcake of the season we ate last week was delicious!

Brings buckets and cash.

Check back here Monday afternoon to find out if we are open Tuesday.  We'll decide after tomorrow's pick.  If we don't open Tuesday, Wednesday is likely.  We apologize that we can't plan open days too much in advance.  It all depends on the berry supply.

Strawberries in May----it's the best!

go together!  We will be open from 9am to 11am for strawberry U-pick on Saturday.  Rain or shine come on out.  Rain or shine there are loads of stawberries ripe and ready.

Along with the ever-bearing strawberries, there are June-bearing to pick as well.  Both big and sweet.

End the month of May on a berry-delicious note and make a great start to your berry-picking season.  It's going to be good one!

Bring buckets and cash.  See you in the morning.



Time to swing the gate open-wide into the strawberry patch.  The strawberries are ripe, ripe, ripening away.  Red and ready.  Whether we're ready or not(?!), we are more than excited to get the berry season going and look forward to 4 months of strawberries the season promises.

Friday, the  27th we will open from 9am to 11am. On Friday afternoon we will determine whether we will open Saturday.  If not Saturday, we will open Monday morning.  Please check back here for frequent updates.  Unfortunately days and hours vary in the early season as the production gets going and we keep tabs on supply and demand.

The June-bearers are just getting started.  It will mostly be the ever-bearing strawberries to pick this week.  They are big and sweet as ever.

Please bring buckets and cash.

We look forward to seeing you Friday or in the coming months ahead.

P.S.  Raspberries and Blueberries in a month.

P.P.S.  We do take orders for pre-picked strawberries but the orders are filled in August (the most plentiful season of Windhover Farm strawberries).



It's beginning to look a lot like berry season is nigh.  Oh yes and yipee!

Second year in row for a May start date. Annnnnnd!  It looks like 2016 will beat 2015 in opening dates.  Last year we opened May 30th. And although we're terrible about predicting  just when the berries are plentiful enough for us to open, we are thinking, hoping and expecting that it will be this week.  Throwing caution to wind, I'd say Thursday May 26th.  But if not by Thursday, Saturday is a good possibility.

It's the ever-bearing strawberries that are ripe, ripe, ripening away although the June-bearers are starting to show their red too.  Our little taste-testers (not the feathered ones) have been busy eating away in the field this weekend and they are more than happy with the deliciousness of the first berries of the season.  So get your buckets ready and eat-out the remaining strawberries you hopefully don't have left in your freezer.  The time is near for local, fresh, sweetness.

In the mean time, we've got our work cut out for ourselves this week because NEVER READY. (Wasn't it just Halloween?)

It's the most wonderful time of the year and we look forward to seeing you very soon.  Check back right here for open dates and time.