Hurricanes-type storms, snow in the mountains, traffic----it's a beginning to feel a lot like December in the Comox Valley.  As we are,  you are likely entering full-on Christmas preparations this week.

The food!  The most important part of any celebration.  Have you set your menu?    Is a turkey  too big for your Christmas dinner?  We have perfect-size roasting chickens as an alternative  4-7lbs.  Poultry not your thing?  We have local, pasture raised beef cuts for sale.  A delicious Prime Rib roast may make your Christmas dinner the most delicious ever.  Not to mention the easiest.

Annnnnd---if you don't want to add clutter to the lives of the people on your gift-list, giving them quality, local meat is an excellent alternative.  We guarantee they will not want to re-gift that package of T-bone steaks!   Fill their freezer instead of the back of their closet.

Contact us to arrange a time to come out and Christmas shop and choose something delicious for your table this season.

The cows and hens are high and dry in the upper pasture but as we look out on the sparse and flooded berry fields, we are amazed that we were so desperate for water such a short time ago (!) But more so, we remember that just a few months ago those fields were full of berries and people.  People we are so thankful for and who make this farming gig the blessed vocation that it is.

Happy Christmas.  We hope your season so far is full of joy and peace.