We hope you are enjoying a beautiful October.  With all things federal election over, we can return to thinking about what truly is good in life---FOOD!  And there is no month like October to not only be thankful for food but to be filling our freezers with it.

Your winter will definitely be warmer with stocks, soups, stews and a sizzling stir-fry for good measure.  We are selling the tastiest meats and eggs to ensure your soups and sizzles are the healthiest ever.

We have one side of beef left.  Call us soon to buy the last side we will have in 2015.  $5.45/lb includes cut and wrap.

We are also selling beef cuts.  We can email you a price list if you are interested.

As always, Roasting chickens for  $3.75/lb.  They are between 3.5 to 5 lbs each.

Pastured eggs for $5/dozen.  The eggs are now in a cooler at the end of our driveway.  Help yourself & leave your money in the jar.  We are attempting the honour system once again.  Hopefully the egg poachers have returned to better ways.

Call 250-338-7750 or email burch@island.net for an appointment to pick up your local & "raised the right way" meat  and eggs.













Well wouldn't you know!?  With the second summer we're having this week, the strawberries are enjoying a second life.  A dedicated U-picker picked 10lbs in less than an hour today!  So there are strawberries to be had if fresh, local strawberries in October is your fall fruit.  Call or email us to make an appointment to pick. We are here, the strawberries are here and it's a lovely way to spend a small chunk of these gorgeous days.

We are still in the berry business this October but we are also your 'place for protein' this fall.

Roasting chicken, Beef Sides and Cuts and Pastured Eggs.   It's all raised 'the right way" here on the farm in Dove Creek.

The beef is sooooo good. We are more than pleased with the result of this Windhover Farm raised beef.   We are very confident you will love it too.

The roasting chickens are the perfect size for smaller Thanksgiving gatherings.  And with this weather, you may want to barbecue the tastiest steak ever.

Give us a call or email burch@island.net to set a time to come by and choose your protein choice.

Beef Sides $5.45/lb. Includes cut and wrap.   Sides are 340-350 lbs.

***Ask us for the beef cut price list.

Roasting Chicken $3.75/lb.  (4lbs is the average weight.)

Pastured eggs $5/dozen.

The sun, the berries, the meat....what a way to start October!

A very happy October to you.  We look forward to continuing to keep your freezer full this fall.