The season is a changing.  But this doesn't mean a thing for the strawberries as they keep ripening away.  There are lots of beautiful berries out there.

It's supposed to be wet on Saturday but we would love to see the berries picked, making the most of the 2015 berry season, so we will open from 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick.

Saturday is not your last chance.  We will continue to do picking by appointment until the rain takes it's toll.

If you don't like picking in the rain come by the farm on Saturday anyhow!  Not only would we love to say hello but you can stock up on roasting chicken, pastured eggs, and beef cuts or sides.  We can confirm that the result of these well-loved, well-fed (mostly grass and milk) animals is some very healthy and tasty beef.

Sides of beef are $5.45/lb including cut and wrap.

Sunday roasts, nutritious stews and soups, and easy meals with good supply of ground beef....  a side of beef is a big outlay of money up front but it beats trying to find a decent cut of beef for a reasonable price in the grocery store all year!

This healthy, humanely raised meat and eggs will be available year round by appointment.   Just phone 250-338-7750 or

I'm never short on words so you'll hear more from me before the 2015 growing season is over.

The rain is here but so also are the strawberries. There continue to be loads of ripe strawberries and there will continue to be until it get TOO wet and TOO cold.  We have not reached that point yet!

We will continue to be open by appointment this week.  Plus we will open Thursday from 9am to noon and go from there as far as U-pick hours.

It's as simple as emailing us at to make an appointment to come and pick strawberries.  We would love to see the strawberries picked!

Fill your freezer with protein too:

**Beef sides. The sides are approximately 350 lbs hanging weight which is about 230lbs of meat in your freezer.  The price is $5.45/lb hanging weight and includes cut and wrap charge.

The Red Angus/Ayrshire cross were born and raised here on the pasture at Windhover Farm.

**Roasting Chicken

**We'll also be selling our pastured eggs all winter long.

Happy newborn calves spring 2014:

Mid-way through September and yes!  The strawberries continue.  There is in fact loads of them.  The field is red in a strawberry way.

We will open Monday from 3pm -5pm for strawberry U-pick and Tuesday from 9am to noon.

We will see what the remainder of the week holds weather-wise before we set hours.  Rain is forecast to be on the way by mid-week. So come Monday or Tuesday.  Fill your freezer to enjoy berries all winter long.

Protein(!) also available for sale:

*Sides of beef

*Roasting chicken

*Pastured eggs

Another Saturday, another beautiful September day, another perfect day for strawberry U-pick.

We will be open from 9am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.

Take advantage of loads of ripe strawberries.  We will be open next week but we don't what the weather will hold.

Bring containers and cash.

Also available: roasting chickens, pastured eggs, veggies and---

THE BEEF IS NOW HERE! Cuts and sides available.

are extremely plentiful and BIG.  This is (finally!) the best picking of the season.

We are open Thursday from 9am to noon or by appointment. If morning or Thursday doesn't work for you, email or call us for a picking appointment at or 338-7750.

With this kind of September weather, we anticipate another week or two of strawberries.  EVER-bearing strawberries stay true to their name.

Also available: sides of beef, roasting chicken, pastured eggs and vegetables.

I can muster up another strawberry photo but it may be my last of the season.  I've lost my zeal for taking berry pictures.


Yes! And of course!  It's September.  They love September.  Supply is up, demand is down, picking is great.

On that note, we will do picking by appointment this week as well as set open hours on Thursday and Saturday this week (not set in stone hours as I have yet to set them!) Check back here to find out these set hours.  But your preferred hours to come and pick may work best so....

this is how picking by appointment works: you call or email us 250-338-7750 or to set up a time that works for you to come and pick strawberries.   Emailing us is more reliable ---especially since our receptionist is now back at school.  Give us a shout, don't miss out.  There are lots of strawberries out there and a whole lot of green ones still to come.

We anticipate a last open day of September 19th or so.  Emphasis on the "or so".

Also available for sale: sides of beef, pastured eggs, roasting chickens, green beans, zucchini, and flowers.


and Saturdays go together!  We will be open Saturday from 9am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.

We will be closed Sunday and Monday.

Check back here for open hours next week.  We will be open as the strawberries will surely continue to produce berries like they do so well in September.

Also available: roasting chickens, pastured eggs, vegetables and available very soon,

Sides of Beef.   Please contact us if you are interested in a beef side or cuts.

We will be open from 9am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.

It's going to be sunny, the field is full of strawberries and it's the beginning of the last long weekend of summer 2015.   Oh so many reasons to come and pick strawberries.  Filling up your freezer for the winter ahead is probably the best reason!

Also available: roasting chickens, pastured eggs, tomatoes, flowers, and more.

Ask us about beef sides.  Coming very soon.

Bring containers and cash.

We're on a September roll with the strawberries.  They keep ripening so we'll keep opening.  Lots of strawberries out there and it's lovely picking weather with no wasps.

Open Thursday from 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick.

Put strawberries on your back-to-school list!

Also available: pastured eggs, roasting chickens, zucchini, tomatoes and flowers.

***Beef sides available next week.  The calves were born (spring 2014) and raised at Windhover Farm on pasture.  Price TBD.  Please phone or email in the next week if you are interested.  We will also be selling beef cuts.