Keeping on with Strawberries! &  Blueberries!

We will be open 8am to 1pm Tuesday for U-pick.  Closed Wednesday for ripening.  Open Thursday from 8am to 1pm. I will post the weekend hours on Wednesday.  Sorry to depart from regular hours but we are trying to ensure the optimal picking conditions by closing a day or two a week for ripening.

Picking will be good in the strawberries tomorrow.  Lots of ripe strawberries in the Seascapes and the Tri-stars.  Seascape's are the large, juicy strawberries.  Tri-stars are the small, sweet variety.

Last week for blueberries.  They are still out there!  Worth your while for the final pick of the 2015 season.

We also have roasting chickens, pastured eggs, green beans, zucchini, cukes, GARLIC and a limited amount of the vegetable that grows on the cob.  Plus flowers!

Make the most of local eating in August---it's a tasty and  bountiful month around these parts!

Just ask Laura post-smoothie...





























It's come in with some heat but we're happy the month has begun because.....I've been on repeat all summer, "Strawberries, August", "Strawberries, August" and on and on those two words have poured from my mouth. So far August has not made a liar out of me.  There are strawberries in abundance.  Hooray!  Despite the heat (they don't like) they are ripening like the big and little sweet gems we know they can be.  So come on out if you've been waiting for this strawberry month.

We are open Monday from 8am to 1pm and Tuesday from 8am to 1pm for blueberry and strawberry U-pick.  We will determine the remainder of the week depending on how the picking goes the next couple of days.  We plan to open five days a week.

Oh yes, there are blueberries to be picked too.  They have not disappeared and there are enough bushes with berries remaining to make it worth your while but it is end of season picking ie. slower.  This will be there last week so don't delay.

Also available are roasting chickens, green beans, cukes, zukes,  garlic, flowers and more.

Don't forget to bring containers and cash!

Happy BC day.