Many bucket loads of strawberries were picked today so we will have to close for a day of ripening Thursday.

Closed Thursday.

Open Friday from 8am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.

Please check back here to find out whether we will be open on Saturday.  We will be closed Sunday. Again, we apologize that we cannot know  much more than a day in advance whether we will be open. Don't hesitate to phone or email to get details and clarification about the strawberries.  We are thankful the patch is being so well picked.    But be assured there are beautiful strawberries out there .  Their season will  be good and continue as long as the weather holds which it looks like it will.    Most years we are still picking until the end of September.

Also available:  Roasting chicken, pastured eggs, zucchini, cucumber, flowers, garlic and tomatoes.

Bring containers and cash.


We are finally reporting excellent picking in the strawberries.  Oh yes.  Very much so.  Strawberry season is here in abundance.

We will be open Wednesday from 8am to 1pm for berry fantastic strawberry U-pick.

Bring containers and cash!

Other bounty of August produce available:  gorgeous Garlic, Broccoli,  Zukes,  Cukes, Tomatoes, and more.

Plus :

Beautiful Flowers

Roasting Chicken

Pastured Eggs

Check back here for open days the rest of the week.

For the love of August on the coast


Lots of them.  The strawberries have hit their stride and are doing like they do in August---produce big, sweet, easy to pick berries.  It's good times in the strawberry patch.

We are open Tuesday from 8am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.  The picking will be great----because there are lots of strawberries out there!

We are still planning our open days one day at a time (yes, we totally agree,  it is not ideal)  but we want to ensure that there are lots of berries when you arrive at the farm to pick.  And so if we get picked out, we will close the next day for ripening.

So open TUESDAY and check back here to find out whether we are open Wed, Thurs, Fri. etc.

Also available:  Roasting Chicken, Garlic, Flowers, Zucchini, Cucumber, and pastured EGGS.














She picks for popsicles


Closed Friday for a day of reckoning ripening.  And so it goes!  Thank you for staying tuned here to keep up to date on strawberry status.  They are doing well but the strawberries are getting picked out when we open.

We will be open Saturday from 8am to 1pm for Strawberry U-pick.  Closed Sunday.  Open Monday from 8am to 1pm.

Bring containers and cash!

Also available: gorgeous GARLIC,  flowers, roasting chicken, pastured eggs, zucchini, and more.

Meet Virginia














If you've been to the farm, you have most certainly heard her.  She greets (with a constant moooooo) everyone who passes her by.

She may be tagged #716 but she's "Virginia".

Virginia is at Windhover Farm for the summer.  She'll return to her home farm in September.  In the mean time, she has a bunch of ribbons to win as Gilbert's 4H dairy calf project.  Virginia began the Fair season well winning Reserve Champion at the Coombs Fair last weekend.  The judge said things like "good breadth of rib", "length of loin", "pin to point", "dairyness" and something about her legs and that she'll make a good milker.  What I heard was "calf-bearing hips" and "she'll be a wonderful mama one day".  We do think she's very fine looking and as elegant as her name.  She has cow-personality plus and was popular with the 4H crowd all weekend.   She's well-loved and cared for around here.  Say hello to her next time your'e here.  Virginia eats up attention.


The strawberry patch was well picked today so we will be closed Wednesday.

We will be open Thursday from 8am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick. With a day of ripening there will be loads of ripe strawberries to pick on Thursday.  Beautiful strawberries are coming out of the field.  There season has finally arrived.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday.  Please check back here for open days the remainder of this week.  We will open Friday OR Saturday OR both days.  Closed for sure on Sunday.

Also available:  garlic, tomatoes,  flowers by the stem,  zucchini, cucumbers, ROASTING CHICKENS and more.

Happy mid-week to you!


for strawberry U-pick. The picking was great today and should continue tomorrow.  I wasn't aware of the heat wave coming when I changed the hours so let's move it back to the "it's hot out there" hours of 8am to 1pm.

We'll see how tomorrow's picking goes in patch before we decided on Wednesday and all the days after...!

Open Tuesday from 8am to 1pm. Stay tuned for the rest of the week.

Containers, cash, you know the drill!

Meet Patti














Patti is the sweet voice on the other end of our phone so you may have talked to her.  She is the most reliable receptionist a farm could ask for.  She's around a little bit in the market but often she can be found in the field picking berries for customers, for popsicles, or a snack.  Once in a while she babysits wee pickers who have lost interest in the berries.   Most often Patti  is in the house---keeping it!--- washing dishes, folding laundry,  keeping Laura busy with an art project and what she loves most is creating something herself.  She is ALL arts and craft.

I think it won't be long before I'm banished to field work all day and Patti does all the selling though.

I sense a theme of "gals on the farm" posts this week.  Let's see who else I can introduce you to...


The picking will be great tomorrow as there have been very few strawberries picked the last few days.  The patch is much redder than it was last week.

We will open at 8:30am  from here on out as the field is damp in the mornings.   Hours for strawberry U-pick on  Monday, August 10th are 8:30am to 1:30pm.

I apologize that we will not know what other days we will open this week until the end of tomorrow when we know what the patch is like after tomorrow's open hours.  If it is well picked, we will close Tuesday and open Wednesday.  If it is quiet tomorrow (we hope not!), we will be open Tuesday.  Please stayed tuned here for the latest on the strawberries and our hours.   We will open four days a week during August.

Also available: garlic, corn, roasting chickens, green beans, zukes and cukes.  Bring containers and cash!

Meet Anika











Maybe you have?  And if so, you've most certainly been delighted.

We were more than thrilled when Anika agreed to come and work with us this summer.  An extra back, a much younger back!  But she's been much more than hands and back.  Her mind, creativity, a sharp eye, a listening ear, a keen interest in farming and a kind heart have added so much to the farm this summer.  She's mulched, weeded, planted, installed and fixed irrigation, weeded, harvested, sold, weeded, spread manure, and weeded, and identified pests.  She's taken charge selling in the market but mostly her head's been in the dirt, at one with the earth, day in and day out including late into the afternoon on those sweltering hot days we've had this summer.  We really should leave the farm to her more often so you all get a chance to meet her.

I know what we did pre-Anika (constant panic and chaos, not a level head, calm being anywhere on the premise) but I don't know what we'll do post-Anika.  She'll return to SFU in September to finish her degree.  For now, Anika's August will be full of strawberries and we'll soak up her presence while we can.



The last berry standing----the STRAWBERRY! What remains in the field is the strawberry patch. And it's steadily coming along;  loads of flowers, lots of green ones and plenty of sweet, big ripe ones for the picking.

We are open Saturday from 8am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.  Closed Sunday.  Open Monday from 8am to 1pm.

The strawberries have had a day to ripen so the picking will be good tomorrow and on Monday as well.

This is our 6th year of growing strawberries and so we predict at least another four weeks of strawberries.  We stay open as long as the strawberries keep producing and you keep coming.   (We are typically on the site here begging you to come and pick in September).

Also available:  GARLIC, corn, green beans, flowers, zucchini, cucumbers, pastured eggs, roasting chickens and beautiful flowers. It's August!  August is delicious.

Bring containers and cash.


Many bucket loads of strawberries left the patch today so....

The strawberries need a day to ripen.  We will be closed Friday, August 7th.  We will be open Saturday from 8am to 1pm.  Closed Sunday.  Open Monday, August 10th from 8am to 1pm.

Tenacious blueberry pickers made out with some blueberries today but the picking is only getting slower.  We can safely call it a wrap on the 2015 blueberry season.    It was a bountiful blurr of blue for the month of July but August was the beginning of the end for them.

Thankfully, strawberries are at the beginning of their month of bounty and we look forward to good things in the strawberry patch this month.

We hope to see you Saturday for strawberries, vegetables, flowers and more!



We are open for Strawberry and Blueberry U-pick on Thursday from 8am to 1pm.

The picking will be great with the day of ripening and refreshing they had Wednesday.  In the strawberries for sure where there are lots of big, small, sweet, ripe berries to be picked.  We've mainly been picking in the second years plants but now and finally (!) the first year plants are beginning to show signs of more productivity.  That means MORE strawberries.

Blueberries are in their last week so picking is slow but it is the last chance until 2016 so worth your efforts.

The glorious will be lovely in the patch tomorrow.

Also available:  garlic, corn, zukes, cukes, green beans, flowers and pastured eggs and roasting chickens.

Bring containers and cash.

The 3,500 first year plants are beginning to act like the strawberry plants we planted them to be:














Summer in a vase...