Let's start September the right way!  We will be open Tuesday from 9am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.

Loads of strawberries in the field.  Picking is quick and easy.

Bring containers and cash.

As always,  roasting chicken, eggs, flowers and vegetables for sale.

Happy September!

We like our strawberries in a pie in September.  (Birthday not necessary for a strawberry pie)


Open indeed.  Last day of August but not the last day of strawberries.  They are doing like they do in late summer which is produce beautiful, sweet strawberries.  And they survived the rainy weekend amazingly well.

The field is a sea of red (in a berry kind of way) on a grey day.

We are open 9am to 1pm on Monday for strawberry U-pick.

Bring containers and cash.

Also available: roasting chicken, pastured eggs, flowers and more!  (Mostly more zucchini but there are other things coming up from vegetable garden too.)

As always, check back here for open hours the remainder of the week.


We will be closed Saturday and Sunday.  No!  Not for rain.  For the Fall Fair!  Otherwise known as the CVEX.   As always, there will be lots of good fun going on at the fair this year.  Grab your galoshes and head to the Exhibition Grounds this weekend.  A good soaking will be nothing but refreshing!

We plan to be open Monday at 9am.  If there is torrential downpour in the form of rain, check here before coming out.  We will be open next week for strawberry U-pick and will attempt to make good decisions re: open days, based on the weather report.  We know for sure, the strawberries will continue to produce no matter what comes their way weather-wise.  THE SEASON IS NOT OVER!

Thank you to everyone who came out the last couple of days and picked the field so very, very well.  It is just watch the patch needed before the weekend of rain.

We haven't brought home any ribbons from the Fair this weekend so we might as well dwell on past strawberry successes:





























We get a lot of mileage from this ribbon.

It's supposedly coming!  And of course that's great.  But because of the rain coming this weekend,  we are suggesting that tomorrow, Friday, the 28th will be a good day to pick strawberries.  The rain will not ruin the strawberries or effect the ones still to ripen but picking will be better without days and days of rain.    In past years the strawberries have stood up well through lots of August rain but you know and we know, strawberries before a downpour are nicer than post-downpour berries. So....

We are open 8am to 1pm Friday for Strawberry U-pick.

The patch is full of sweet, ripe strawberries!  Picking is quick.  The best of the season for sure.  Next summer's berry harvest is a long way off...

Bring containers and cash.

We hope to see you.


Sorry for the tardy update this evening.  We are open Thursday from 9am to 12pm for strawberry U-pick.

We will also be open Friday from 8am to 1pm.  Closed Saturday and Sunday. It's the Fall Fair this weekend so we will be kicking it up at the fair!

Loads of ripe strawberries in the patch.  As in easy to fill many buckets.

Bring cash and containers!

See you tomorrow.

It's a little early for reflection because those strawberries, they continue to do what they do best in late summer which is produce beautiful, sweet berries for dessert, jam, the freezer and the best summer snack.  The berry season is far from over.  (Although closer to over than it's beginning which was May 30th this year).

We are open WEDNESDAY from 8am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.  The picking will be excellent.

Bring containers and cash.

Check back here for open days the remainder of the week.

Roasting chickens, pastured eggs, tomatoes, zukes, cukes, flowers and garlic also available for sale.


Something we do when we're 3 months into the season;  a little over-tired and emotional but mostly over-grateful for the bounty of the berry season.  Especially when it feels like we dodged crop-destroyers  like heat, drought, and pests.  The berries still came in abundance.  (It's so evident we are not in control.)   But what we are mostly grateful for is the bounty of berry customers.  Because a good crop is for naught if there is no one buying it.  And it's no small feat to endure picking your berries in the kind of summer we've had.  (btw it's much cooler these days so lovely in the field and no wasps which is truly exceptional!)

Each year a particular demographic of the berry pickers touches us.  One year it was the 80+ yr old pickers who inspired us each week.  (We'll be inspired by them forever) .  Last year, as new parents of a teenager, we were touched by the bed-headed teens who were willingly dragged by their parents to pick berries in the early morning.

This year?  The cyclists.  Those customers who came regularly on their bikes, picked and loaded up their panniers with berries.  From Denman, from Campbell River and locally they came.  Cyclists loaded up with berries on their bikes----you inspire!   So inspire that the whole family has done some cycling this summer and I'm now in the market for a bike.

Special shout-out to Anika, who cycled to work here every day from Comox.  And my dad who is nearer to 80 yrs. old than any of the other berry bikers! I think?

Keep on riding people of bikes and berries.  And thank you for putting on us your cycle route.















for ripening.  We had a great day of picking in the field today.   With a day to ripen,  Wednesday will be an excellent day to pick strawberries.  We will be open 8am to 1pm on Wednesday for strawberry U-pick.

Once again, closed Tuesday, August 25th.

The strawberries are loving the shorter, wee bit cooler days.  We anticipate continued great things from them into September.

Bring containers and cash.

Also available:  Roasting chickens, pastured eggs, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and flowers.

We've hit the last week of August!  This is prime time for strawberries.  They love the shorter days, cooler evenings.  Loads of berries in the patch.

They are big, red, sweet and a bite of brightness when everything else is brown, dying and heading towards the end of their  growing season.  Not strawberries!  They are an end of summer staple as we eat up the last beautiful days of summer.  And like summer, these strawberries continue into mid-September and sometimes beyond.

We are open Monday from 8am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.

Check back here for the open days the rest of the week.

Also available:  tomatoes, zukes,  cukes, flowers, roasting chickens and pastured eggs.