We hope you're finding yourself in the midst of an enjoyable long weekend.  And we know fresh berries might make it even more memorable!

We are open Saturday from 8am to 1pm for Strawberry and Blueberry U-pick. We will be closed Sunday and OPEN on MONDAY from 8am to 1pm.

Strawberries finally get there day!  The picking will be good tomorrow as it has been steadily improving all week.

Blueberries are nearing the end of their season.  There a still a number of unpicked bushes but it will take some time to pick large amounts.  A bucket full of blueberries for snacking or dessert will be quick and is very do-able.

Roasting chickens,  beautiful garlic and pretty cut flowers for sale too.

Bring cash and containers.

We hope to see you!

In a dramatic and surprizing and both good and bad turn of events, the blueberries have taken a sudden down turn.    There are many blueberries left but it takes a good wander in the field to find the remaining bushes that are still loaded with ripe blueberries.  We absolutely did not predict this for July 30th.  But we will help you scout out the loaded bushes so you can fill your buckets.  The good?  It means excellent pickers have been in the field. Some freezers are full in the valley.  The bad of course is that it is going to take longer to pick.  We still expect there will be blueberries into next week.  But you guessed it, the sooner you come the better.

Strawberry status continues to improve.  There are plenty of big, ripe strawberries and plenty of the smaller variety too.  It's getting better each day. Tomorrow will be good picking in the strawberry patch.

We are open 8am to 1pm Thursday, Saturday and Monday.  We are closed Friday, July 31 and Sunday as always.  This every other day for the weekend will mean good things for strawberry pickers.

There are also roasting chickens, pastured eggs, green beans, zucchini and fresh cut flowers for sale.

And this beautiful organic garlic:





























We're in the midst of a different sort of a berry season but it's a good one.  We are looking forward to an August full of strawberries, vegetables of all kinds and beautiful flowers.  We hope Windhover Farm is part of your August!



Another summer day, another beautiful day to pick berries in the Comox Valley.

We are open 8am to 1pm Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week.  We will be closed Friday and Sunday.  We will be open on the holiday Monday.

Blueberries! Great picking continues.  Sweet, sweet berries.  But don't delay.  Another week and a half and they will likely begin the decline.

Strawberries! They continue to make good progress.  The picking is getting better each day and people are having good success in the patch filling buckets.  It's decent and pretty good ie. they are no longer stressing us out (as much as they were).  But history tells us the picking will get better than it is now.   Crystal clear?  They are "not excellent" but "not bad".  This might be the simplest way to state their status.

Bring containers and enough cash for roasting chickens vegetables and flowers too!





























Behind that door?  A toilet!  A real, flush toilet.  We feel we can almost call ourselves a "luxury" U-pick operation.  With our berry valet service to your car, we are so close.  John was pretty excited to get this up and flushing for the start of the berry season.  It wasn't so exciting when we had no water for a week and could not offer a toilet at all. The Port-a-potty seemed like the better idea that week.   But that toilet is flushing these days, the door now shuts properly (!) and like I said, LUXURY. Oh yes.


from 8am to 1pm for Blueberry and Strawberry U-pick.

The blueberries continue to keep their end of the field up:  the picking is quick and easy and the blueberries are as delicious as ever.  They likely have about 10 days until their season ends. The forecasted heat will ripen the remaining unripe berries quickly (we guess).

Strawberries are improving daily.  The picking should be decent tomorrow.  But if you're loading up for the winter or marathon jam-making, we recommend you wait until August---which is just around the corner!

Bring containers and cash.

Also available: roasting chickens, pastured eggs, tender & fresh green beans, lovely garlic, zukes, cukes and flowers by the stem.

We look forward to seeing you at the farm.

We will be open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week. We will closed on Friday and Sunday.

And then there were two...

We can safely call it a wrap on the 2015 raspberry season.  With sadness yes, but what an amazing season it was.  If your freezer if full of raspberries, you have much to look forward to this winter

Still time to fill your freezer with blueberries.  Picking is good but they will not last well into August like they typically do.

The strawberries, the strawberries, what shall we say?  They are okay.  They are coming along.  Getting better day by day.  Not "fill your freezer or stock your pantry with jam" type picking just yet.   But good enough for shortcakes and pies and all the amazing ways to eat fresh, local strawberries.

We are open Monday from 8am to 1pm for Blueberry and Strawberry U-pick.

***Also available: awesome green beans, beautiful garlic (both soft and hard neck), zucchini, kale, roasting chickens and pastured eggs and pretty flowers too.  Make the most of mid-summer eating!

Summer evening love

Another of day of berry bliss.  Open 8am to 1pm for RASPBERRY, BLUEBERRY, and STRAWBERRY U-pick. Bring containers and cash.  Closed Sunday. Open Monday.

Excellent picking in the blueberries continues.  So quick.  So sweet.

Strawberries....they exist.  Just not in the quantities we are hoping for.  Available to pick for sure.   The small Tri-star variety is finally beginning to produce adding to the dependable Seascape.  But August!  August will be their month.

Last call for raspberries....no problem picking them but their season is coming to an inevitable end.

One more photo of the excellent season they've given us:














Happy weekend to you.




She's the girl who ensures it all happens on the farm;  keeping us, the livestock and the berries safe from the wild critters who threaten to eat us/it all alive!!!  True roars her terrible roar and gnashes her terrible teeth and rolls her terrible eyes and shows her terrible claws---and the wild things flee.  Leaving us, the livestock and berries in peace.  But True couldn't be more mellow and sweet.  She adores attention she gets from people, canine friends, feline friends and any critter she knows doesn't pose a threat.

Thanks True for keeping us in eggs and berries and beef (and kids too!)














But you came for the lowdown on the berries.  Here is the status for Friday, July 24th, 2015:

Open 8am to 1pm for raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry U-pick.  Bring containers and cash.

There are still raspberries ripening each day so the picking is pretty okay for this point in their season.

Lots of sweet, ripe blueberries. The pick is quick.

The strawberries have been well picked this week. They need a day or two to ripen.  It won't be so great tomorrow.

Also available: pastured eggs, roasting chickens, zucchini, cukes and beautiful green beans and even more beautiful flowers by the stem.

Make berry picking a good start to another summer weekend!



...all this week!  Blueberries!!!  Strawberries! And Raspberries in their final week.

People had impressive success in the raspberries today.  There are definitely big, sweet berries there.  Just some "up and under" looking required.

Blueberry picking excellence continues.

Strawberries gaining momentum each day.  They are good and will only get better with each chirp of the cricket signalling shorter days, cooler evenings.

Open Monday to Saturday 8am to 1pm for U-pick.  Bring containers and cash.

We have roasting chickens, pastured eggs and "vegetables of the day" available as well.   And flowers by the stem too.

***We are no longer taking orders for pre-picked berries.  The order pages are filled to the brim.   However, we are putting people wanting pre-picked strawberries on a wait list. (ie. no guarantee the order will be filled but we will try our best and hope for a bumper crop).

from 8am to 1pm for U-pick berries.  Bring containers and cash.

We are still pushing the TRIO of berries Raspberries! Blueberries! Strawberries! But we won't be for long.

Last call for raspberries.  I am not confident there will be many after this week.

Blueberries are excellent.

Strawberries continue to make a slow and steady comeback.  Picking is decent but it will get better as the summer marches on.

And then there's:  Green beans, kale, zuke and cukes and flowers by the stem.

Plus pastured eggs and roasting chickens.

Eating is so fine in mid-summer....

Don't miss out on the the best the season has the offer.  Berries, berries, berries and more.





























Laura with heavy load but excited to be filling in for "Eggerett".  Party dress and broken eggs all a part of a 5 yr. old's hen chores.


These are the best of times in a berry field.  Raspberries! Blueberries!  Strawberries! Pick your choice.  Pick all three!

The three are good, excellent, and good.   I'll let you decide which berry falls under which description.  But you will find great picking wherever you find yourself with your bucket.

Cooler days means lovely mornings in the field.  We are open 8am to 1pm all week for U-pick of the trio of berries. Closed Sunday.

*We have not started filling strawberry orders for those who are wondering.  But expect to hear from us soon.  New orders for strawberries are being placed on a wait list as are we booked for strawberries well into August.

What else is going on....

Oh yes!  We will have green beans, zuchinni, cukes and kale and flowers by the stem for sale tomorrow.  Along with the usual pastured eggs and roasting chickens.

I moved the camera lens from berries to blooms.  Thought we could all use a switch from endless photos of beautiful berries?  Bouquet bliss.  Not on par with berry bliss.  But close.