We seem to have hit our "open-close-open-close" stride that only June is notorious for.  We were picked out again today.  We will be closed Thursday, June 18th and open Friday, at 8:30am to 11am. I am hoping above all else (except maybe the rain I hope for each day) that we will open on Saturday morning.   That is our plan.

Please read yesterday's post for more info. about the what and the ways of the strawberries plants these days.

No pre-picked orders at this time. We will begin filling strawberry orders in July.

What did one strawberry say to the other strawberry?

It's your sweetness that got us into this jam.

Until Friday...



Okay.  So!  We are open Wednesday, June 17th for strawberry U-pick from 8:30 to noon.  There are June-bearing strawberries to be picked.  They are nearer to the end of their production than to the beginning.  It's decent picking in those rows though.   The ever-bearing are in,  shall we say,  a lull?  The first production is nearing an end and the new plants are just beginning to produce.  So berries for sure, just not huge amounts.  (There will be though!  It will be great.  Very soon we anticipate).   So bring a bowl for fresh eating but don't plan on filling buckets for your freezer.  Not yet.  I'll let you know when.  I will!

We will likely close Thursday for ripening if we are predicting well.  Open possibly Friday and/or Saturday. Stay tuned is as much information as I can muster.

In the mean time.  And boy, is there a mean time.

The world of berries is only getting bigger and broader and better.

The view in the raspberry canes tonight:














Wow.  It won't be long.  Weeding raspberries got a whole lot more delicous today.  And a little delightful too:














Home sweet home for four littles.

But take a look at this next photo.  Because this is amazing and...a wee bit bizarre (in the very good sense of the word bizarre):














There you have it.  The state of the berries photos.  The strawberries are soon to be joined!

In the mean time.  Strawberries are $2.75/lb.   We are not taking any pre-picked orders until further notice.  Likely a couple of weeks.

Roasting Chickens $3.75/lb and Free Range Eggs $5

We can't help ourselves.  The strawberries are ripening away.  Those June-bearers are all there are supposed to be in June.   And it's a beautiful weekend.  Albeit waaaaay too windy.  (I feel that any moisture left remaining on island soils just evaporated to the heavens?)

But strawberries--- so we smile!!  We will open from 2-4pm on Sunday afternoon.  And Monday as planned.  I think I've been throwing open times hither and thither with a 9am here and a 8:30am there.  8:30am it is.

If we don't get picked out, we will be open daily next week.  Check here first before coming out.

Closed Saturday, June 13th.

Happy Friday citizens for strawberries!  (weird words for a windy day.  sorry.)

and June 12th for strawberry U-pick.  The picking is great. The June-bearing strawberries are at their height and the ever-bearing are as dependable as ever.

Come between 9am and noon Thursday and Friday.  We will close Saturday and Sunday and open again Monday at 9am.

We realize being closed on the weekend is frustrating for those who work during the week.   This is likely the only Saturday we will be closed all season.  (There is an event at the farm which makes it impossible to open this Saturday).  Because of the wknd. closure, we will take evening appointments, next week only, for those who are not able to come during the day.    Send us an email for your preferred evening during the week (or late afternoon if that is better for you).  We don't want anyone to miss out on the first fruits of the season!   The field is a lovely place to be in the evening.

Questions?  Emails are a more reliable mode of communication for us these days.

Have a lovely mid-week spring evening.  Yup.  Still spring.

No appointment necessary.  We are open Wednesday, June 10th from 9am to noon.  Bring your buckets, cash and taste for delicious strawberries.  $2.75/lb U-pick

If you prefer June-bearing strawberries, now is your time.

We have a bathroom, we're pretty much set up and mostly, we're excited to get the berry season going in a more "hip-happening, we know what we're doing" kind of way!

Stay tuned for open hours the remainder of the week.  We look forward to seeing you.

...with the status quo of "picking by appointment".  We apologize if this is just too quirky or too annoying.  But opening wide open potentially means that half the people who drive out to the farm discover the rows too well-picked to make it worth their while.  So by appointment ensures that if you make the effort to come out here, there will/should be plenty of strawberries for you.  We are all booked up for this Saturday.  Closed Sunday. Do email us if you would like to pick some day next week at  burch@island.net

All the while keep in mind that this is only just the very beginning of a long and productive strawberry season.  The main season begins in mid-July and it is not unheard of to be finding ripening strawberries at Thanksgiving.   There is potentially a quarter of the year, 2015, to fill your buckets full of strawberries.  Wow!    Living on the BC coast is swell.

Thank you for your emails, your understanding, and your commitment to eating fresh and local when you can.  We value you, our customers, and look forward to supplying you with a summer full of berries.

P.S.  Shocking discovery yesterday:  a ripe raspberry.  Whaaaat??!!

Rain, glorious rain.  It is a huge relief to get some rain.   I feel like there may have a been collective sigh of relief all over the Comox Valley last night. Yes?

Even better, the rain didn't damage ripened strawberries.   Great picking continues.  Big, red and ripe in the rows.   We will carry on with picking by appointment.   It suits the gradual entry that strawberry season makes.  But don't be shy.  Email us at burch@island.net to pick in the next few days.

We will see what the weekend brings.  The June-bearing strawberries are beginning to ripen and with the coming heat, we should begin picking them in a matter of days.

See you soon or sooner!

Prices and Notes:

Strawberries $2.75/lb

Pastured eggs $5/dz

Roasting Chicken $3.75/lb

No bathroom yet.

We now have containers but we recommend bringing your own as we charge for ours.

We will not be filling any pre-picked strawberry orders over 5lbs. until the main strawberry begins in mid-July.  Thanks for understanding.